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My Lawyer Mr Jo Season 3

When was MyMy lawyer adapted as a movie?

My Lawyer, Mr. Jo was adapted as a live-action drama on March 28, 2016 in South Korea. link And Season 2 was adapted as a live-action drama movie on January 7, 2019. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.

my lawyer never showed up to court

What do I do if I don't have a lawyer?

If you receive no response, voice your concerns to the court and request that another lawyer be appointed. Complaining to the bar association is time consuming and you don't have that kind of time in a criminal case.

What do I do if my court-appointed lawyer doesn't show up?

If it was me, and my court-appointed lawyer never showed up for court, I would go to the prosecutor and ask him or her for an audience with the judge. If the prosecutor doesn't assist you in getting before the judge, go to the clerk of court and request a hearing with the judge.

What happens if a lawyer doesn’t show up?

If the lawyer didn’t show up and you had paid them, then you can report them to the state bar and the judge in your case will give you time to find another lawyer. You will also be able to get your money back from the lawyer.

Can a lawyer make a mistake in court?

Sometimes, lawyers like all human beings can make simple honest mistakes or there could be an explanation for the mix up. Your lawyer, if he or she is competent cn have the warrant quashed oif it was a mewre oversight and explains the failure to appera in court.

my lawyer not responding

How can I get my Lawyer to respond to my questions?

I would draft a letter informing the attorney that you are considering looking elsewhere for legal representation due to the attorney’s lack of response to your inquiries. This should motivate the attorney to meet with you to discuss next steps and unresolved issues. If things don’t improve, reach out to another attorney and mention your concerns.

my lawyer owes me money

Can I sue someone who owes me money?

The most important thing that you need to know about suing someone who owes you money is that you need to provide evidence that shows they owe you money as well as the amount. In some cases, you might have handed your friend money, and they said they'd pay you back but never did.

Why does someone owe me money?

Someone might owe you money for a variety of reasons. It might be that you loaned cash to a friend or did work for a stranger and then never received reimbursement or payment. This may sound like a familiar problem, but if you are owed money, and you’re left with limited means to recoup it, you need to take definitive action.

What can I do if someone owes me money and doesn't pay?

You can file a lawsuit in small claims court for compensation and the money someone owes you for the work you did. You might babysit a friend's kid or drive them to the grocery store, and they promise to pay you but never do.

my lawyer passed away what do i do

What happens to a power of attorney when someone dies?

The probate attorneys at Fair Share Lawyers put together a list of steps to take and things to know when a loved one dies. If you have questions about the management of your loved one’s estate or the probate process, call us anytime at (888) 694-1761 to get answers. A power of attorney is no longer valid.

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