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How long can a non citizen stay in Germany?

A tourist visa allows you to stay in Germany for about 90 days and explore the country and all it has to offer. Staying beyond the permitted 90 days is not possible though without a residence permit. A German residence permit allows you to stay in Germany for a more extended period than only 90 days.How to Get a German Residence Permit? - › immigration-residence-permit › german-residenc...

What is the law on immigration of employees in Germany?

Immigration of employees. The main principle of the German law on foreigners is that the immigration of foreign employees to Germany depends on the needs of the German economy. One has to say that the stop of immigration of lower qualified employees remains in power.

When did Germany's new foreigner law come into force?

A fter long quarrels between the two big political camps a new foreigner law entered into force at the beginning of 2005 in Germany.

What is a master's degree in German law for foreign graduates?

The master's degree in German Law for foreign graduates is a research-focused degree that imparts professional legal expertise and allows you to develop your legal skills. Unlike most other disciplines, laws are unique to the societies that brought them forth, and therefore vary significantly from country to country.

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How to study law in Germany as an international student?

International students can pursue certificate courses, LLB and LLM in the field of Law in Germany. One of the popular certificate programmes by the name of ‘International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law’ can be pursued from the European University Viadrina, Frankfurt.

Who can apply for the law in Germany programme?

The programme is available to students from partner universities enrolled in dual degrees (King’s College, London,Université Panthéon-Assás Paris II, France, China University of Political Science and Law, China). International students can pursue certificate courses, LLB and LLM in the field of Law in Germany.

How to study in Germany as an Indian?

Currently, Indian students must have at least €8,700 deposited in their blocked account to be approved a visa and to be allowed to study in Germany. A lot of funding options – Germany is a very generous country to foreign students because it grants a large number of scholarships and student loans.

Can Indian students coming to Germany with an extended visa facility?

Please check the advisory from the Indian Embassy regarding fraudulent calls. The German Foreign Office has informed that an extended visa facility (180 days) has been provided by the German Government to the Indian students coming to Germany. ISG Draft Code of Conduct on Sexual harassment Revised. This map was created by a user.

What are the problems faced by Indian students in Germany?

The next problem Indian students need to face over there is the food problem. This problem becomes severe for the Indian students who are purely vegetarian. It is really hard to locate any vegetarian Indian restaurant over there in Germany. Not only vegetarians but non-vegetarians also face many food-related problems in Germany.

How can an Indian student apply for an MA in Germany?

An Indian candidate applying for an MA in Germany must have been awarded a bachelor's degree from a recognised university; In order to be eligible to study masters in Germany, students are required to prove their English language proficiency by scoring at least a 6.0 in IELTS (with a minimum of 5.5 in each component) or at least 50 in PTE;

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