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Legal Department Hong Kong

What is the law of Hong Kong?

This law is the law that has brought Hong Kong the success of being known as the world's international financial centre. Their leading principle consists of the quote “One country, Two Systems”. The Department of Justice is very important in the legal system in many ways.

What sort of laws exist in the Hong Kong legal system?

Besides the Basic Law, Common Law and the Rules of Equity, what sort of laws exist in the Hong Kong Legal System? 1. What are the major law courts in Hong Kong?

What is the role of the judiciary in Hong Kong?

The Judiciary is responsible for the administration of justice in Hong Kong. It hears all prosecutions and civil disputes. It is completely independent of the executive authorities and the legislature.

What are the functions of the Hong Kong legislative council?

Under the Basic Law, the Legislative Council's functions include the making of laws, approving budgets and public expenditure and monitoring the work of the government in general. The Judiciary is responsible for the administration of justice in Hong Kong.

Where can I find official versions of the legislation of Hong Kong?

For official versions of the legislation of Hong Kong, you should refer to the loose-leaf edition of the Laws of Hong Kong and the Government Gazette. Legislative amendments for the implementation of Electronic Submission Hub are as below. Amendments applicable to Stage 1 will come into operation on 31 March 2022 Note 1

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How do I speak to someone at HSBC UK?

03457 404 404. Lines are open 8am to 8pm every day (except for Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day). From outside the UK, call us on +44 1226261 010. 03456 040 626 Non HSBC Bank customers.Phonebook: HSBC Bank › help › phonebook

Where is HSBC headquarters in UK?

The UK headquarters of HSBC is located at One Centenary Square in Birmingham. The global headquarters are at HSBC Tower, 8 Canada Square in the Canary Wharf area of east London. The building houses some 8,000 staff over 42 floors.HSBC (United Kingdom) - › wiki › HSBC_(United_Kingdom)

What is the address of HSBC main headquarters?

London, United KingdomHSBC / Headquarters

What is the agreement with HSBC Canada?

This Agreement governs your access to and use of the HSBC Canada (as defined below) website (the “Website”) and the content, information and services provided on or through the website. This Agreement exempts HSBC Canada and other persons from liability or limits their liability and contains other important provisions that you should read.

Who regulates HSBC UK Bank plc?

HSBC UK Bank plc is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority (Financial Services Register number: 765112).

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