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Law In Wisconsin

What is the Wisconsin Law section of FindLaw?

... Welcome to the Wisconsin Law section of FindLaw's State Law collection. This section contains user-friendly summaries of Wisconsin laws as well as citations or links to relevant sections of Wisconsin's official online statutes. Please select a topic from the list below to get started.

What are some laws in Wisconsin?

Not Many People Realize That These 10 Things Are Actually Illegal In WisconsinYou can't serve margarine at a restaurant unless the customer specifically requests it. ... It is illegal to not give a farm animal the right of way on a public road. ... It is illegal to not base business hours on central time. ... Adultery is illegal.Here Are 10 Dumb, Silly, And Weird Laws In Wisconsin › wisconsin › illegal-wiMore items...

Is hazing legal in Wisconsin?

However, it has since become clear to state governments that hazing can actually have serious consequences, and can even result in the death of students when it gets out of hand. As a result, states, including Wisconsin, have passed laws criminalizing hazing.Hazing Law in › wisconsin-trial-lawyers › hazing-law-wisconsin

What are some weird laws in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin Weird Driving LawsNo one can camp in a wagon on any public highway or risk a fine of up to ten dollars. ... Livestock have the right-of-way on public roads. ... In Hudson, Wisconsin, no one can sit on another person's parked car without their verbal consent.Weird Driving Laws in Wisconsin - Palmen Fiat › blog › weird-driving-laws-in-wisconsinMore items...

Where to find Wisconsin state laws?

The updated Wisconsin Statutes and Annotations are presented on a secure connection. To verify that the statutes are being accessed from the Wisconsin Legislature's secure document server,, click on the lock icon in your browser toolbar or status bar.Wisconsin Statutes Table of › statutes › prefaces › toc

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Is the doctrine of precedent useful in Zambia?

The common law and Zambia 9 pective can the special needs and circumstances of Zambia itself then be considered and of suggestions made respecting the future developmen itst law of. Judges and other commentators have ascribed a number of benefits to the doctrine of precedent in the common law.

What is the rule of law in Zambia?

The aim of the rule of law is to limit and check the arbitrary, oppressive, and despotic tendencies of power, and to ensure the equal treatment and protection of all citizens irrespective of race, tribe, class, status, religion, place of origin, or political persuasion.1 The Rule of Law, Peace, Security and Development Muna Ndulo › sites › default › files › think_piece_ndulo

Is past precedent the sole source of law in Zambia?

Some of the factors which have impeded this process in Zambia in the past have been or will in the future be ameliorated. It is thus unlikely that past precedent will long continue to be enthroned as the sole, or even the primary source of the law.

Is it possible for Zambia to achieve a blend of law?

It should not be prohibitively difficult for Zambia to achieve such a blend in the future. To aid in the development of the law to this end, the following are offered as possible suggested rules of judicial method and as practical steps which could be taken to hasten the growth of a new system. Stare decisis and legal authority

What are the two types of laws in Zambia?

Zambia's judicial system is based on English common law and customary law.Laws of

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