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Free Immigration Lawyer Oslo

Where can I get free legal counsel in Norway?

This service from the Advokatforeningen offers free legal counsel for up to 30 minutes in 33 cities throughout Norway. If you want to see if you have a legitimate legal claim or get some questions answered, you can get a free meeting with a private lawyer during opening hours.

What are the immigration laws in Norway?

The entry of foreign nationals into the Kingdom of Norway is regulated by the Immigration Act issued in May 2008. The parliament of the country adopted as well in 2016 a series of reforms in immigration and integration. Detailed provisions concerning the obtaining of residence permits or citizenship can be found in the body of the immigration law.

Are lawyers free in Norway?

If you live in Oslo, the municipality offers private lawyers who give free legal advice on a range of issues. These services are funded by the Norwegian government. There are two ways you can get help. The first is to schedule an appointment between 08.00 and 15.30 on weekdays.25 Oct 2019Free Legal Aid Advice in Norway: Organisations To Turn › free-legal-aid-advice-in-norway-organisations-to-turn-to

What are lawyers called in Norway?

The Norwegian term is “advokat”, and no distinction is made between a lawyer with the right to appear in court and to represent clients outside courts, like the British terms “solicitor” and “barrister”.The Norwegian Bar Association - Scandinavian Studies in › pdf

free immigration lawyer ottawa

Which is the best immigration lawyer in Ottawa?

Top Immigration Lawyer Firms in Ottawa. 1 1. Olalere Law Office. BEST FOR Individual and family immigration SERVICES Family Sponsorship Visa Employers Study Student Temporary and Visiting ... 2 2. Capelle Kane Immigration Lawyers. 3 3. Ronalee Carey Law. 4 4. Odette Rwigamba & Associates. 5 5. Achtari Law.

Why hire Capelle Kane immigration lawyers?

Capelle Kane Immigration Lawyers has been providing sound legal guidance on laws relating to Canadian citizenship and immigration since 1994. Their firm is the only one in Ottawa with two lawyers certified as specialists in Canadian immigration and citizenship laws by the Law Society of Ontario.

How do I get in touch with immigration law in Canada?

Immigration law cases are taken on a block fee basis. To get in touch contact the firm online from outside of Canada, call 613-867-6871 in Ottawa or 800-491-9279 toll free.

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Is there a free immigration lawyer in Brooklyn NY?

We serve New Yorkers residing in Brooklyn and Queens, and all of our services are free of charge. We encourage all immigrants to learn about the federal government’s Expedited Removal program, and how to reduce the risk of being deported without the opportunity to see an Immigration Judge.

Who is we immigration law firm?

We are a full-service immigration and real estate law firm located in New York, NY. We work with clients in all 50 States and abroad. Our experienced team handles all phases of immigration including permanent residence, corporate immigration, family immigration, permanent residence petitions, employment visas, and citizenship applications.

How do I get help with immigration issues in NYC?

For advice or assistance with any of these matters please contact our Brooklyn office at (718) 236-3000 or our Queens office at (347) 472-3500. We assist individuals who have either suffered harm or who have a fear of returning to their home countries. We assist survivors of labor and sex trafficking obtain immigration relief.

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