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What does Virginia legal aid do?

Virginia Legal Aid Society ( Founded in 1977, its 14 attorneys and eight paralegals provide legal assistance to low-income people and champion equal justice.Find Your Closest Legal Aid Program - The Virginia Bar › page › pro_bono_legalaid

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What's happening with Wagga's free legal clinics?

A community initiative offering Wagga's first free legal clinics to the public has been an overwhelming success. Commins Hendriks law firm will continue to conduct its free clinics each Saturday morning (Public Holidays excepted) throughout the years.

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Where can I get legal advice in King County?

Inside King County, the 211 Legal Referral and Information Hotline provides information for people facing civil (non-criminal) legal matters. The 211 line is open 8 a.m.–6 p.m. Monday through Friday. Outside King County, call CLEAR toll-free at 888-201-1014.

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Can I sue my landlord for emotional distress in Washington State?

A court that agrees that you lost your home because of the landlord's unlawful action could order the landlord to pay the damages from the emotional distress this caused you, or up to three times the monthly rent, plus the costs of filing the case (court costs and any attorney's fees). Where would I sue the landlord?Did my landlord illegally end my tenancy or evict me and what can I › resource › wrongful-eviction

Where can I get landlord-tenant information in Washington State?

They also provide information for tenants. Based in Seattle, they can be reached toll-free at 1-800-335-2990. To recover money for an amount up to $5,000. A number of local agencies offer landlord-tenant information.

What are the tenant’s rights in Washington State?

Washington tenants must pay rent on time in accordance with their lease. They must also avoid causing undue property damage. To that end, they are also legally required to do the following: Keep their dwelling “as clean and sanitary as the conditions of the premises permit” Use all electrical, gas, heating, and plumbing fixtures as intended

What can I sue my landlord for in Washington State?

You can sue for up to $5,000 in Small Claims Court, and you can only recover money for specific contractual or legal violations. If you have claims against your landlord for amounts totaling more than $5,000, you can try to file against them in a different court.Resources FAQ - Tenants Union of Washington › rights › resources-faq

What do landlords have to disclose to tenants in Washington State?

All Washington landlords must make the following disclosures to their tenants. This can be done in their primary lease or a supplemental agreement: Lead-based paint. For buildings built before 1978, federal law requires landlords to provide tenants with information about lead-based paint hazards.

What are the laws for landlords in Seattle WA?

Local Laws in Washington Seattle Landlord Tenant Rights The city of Seattle maintains a Rental Agreement Regulation Ordinance, which requires landlords to provide 60 days of advance notice before a rent rate increase of 10% or more. This ordinance also limits the amounts and values of certain fees charged by landlords.

What are the landlord tenant laws in Washington State?

In general, with tenant consent, a landlord has a right of entry to inspect the premises; make repairs; supply necessary or agreed services; or show the property to potential tenants, purchasers, or contractors. Entry is limited to reasonable times, and two days' notice of intent to enter is required.Landlord/Tenant Rights - › docs › news-events › publications › consumer-pamphlets

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