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Where can I find a lawyer in Zimbabwe?

You can try ZWLA ( Zimbabwe Womens Lawyers Association) on 04-706616 (if you want a cell number for someone there please inbox and I'll provide it for you) or Legal Aid Directorate on 04-797974. Also google Legal Resources Foundation, they are at Nicoz Diamond building in town opposite Jameson hotel along Samora Machel, all the best

Who is the first female judge in Zambia?

Hildah Chibomba, Mugeni Mulenga, and Anne Sitali: First females to serve as Judges of the Constitutional Court of Zambia (2016). Chimbomba was also the first female to serve as President of the Constitutional Court of Zambia. ^ Law Notes.

best flashlight for law enforcement

What is a rechargeable police flashlight?

This type of rechargeable flashlight is different from regular tactical flashlights. It’s a great law enforcement flashlight for a number of reasons. You should know about this police flashlight because its material is made of hard-anodized aluminum with an anti-roll rubber ring.

What is the best police flashlight for the money?

Best police flashlight – Best law enforcement flashlight pick 1. Streamlight 75458 Stinger – Brightest police flashlight 2. Streamlight 74751 Strion LED High Lumen Best Patrol Flashlight 3. SureFire Defender E2D LED Flashlight 4. J5 Tactical V1 – PRO 300 Lumen brightest police flashlight

What is the best flashlight for self defense?

1. Streamlight 75458 Stinger – Brightest police flashlight. Streamlight Stinger DS LED HL, Dual Switch Rechargeable Flashlight is a type of tactical flashlight that is handheld. Handheld flashlights are good for self-defense due to their size and durability that makes them good blunt weapons.

What are flashlights used for in law enforcement?

Flashlights is a must-have tool for guards, police, and many who have the authority to enforce the law because of the nature of their job flashlight is required for different and unexpected circumstances. Here is a quick and easy article to help you find the best flashlight for your need. Here are the detailed specifications of each flashlight. 1.

best font for law firm logo

What font do most lawyers use?

As a standard font for legal documents, Times New Roman (along with Arial and Helvetica) is one of the most commonly used fonts.A Guide to the Best Fonts for Legal Documents - › blog › legal-fonts-for-legal-documents

What size font is used for legal documents?

The standard font size for legal documents is size 12. Some lawyers increase their font size to 14 to improve readability on screens.Legal Fonts: A Guide to Fonts for Legal Documents and › legal-fonts

What font is used in legal agreements?

While there's no one “official” font style for legal documents, there are a few court-approved fonts that are considered most easily readable: Arial. Century (and Century-related fonts like Century Schoolbook) Verdana.How to choose the right font size and style for legal documents - › sign › hub › features › font-size-and-style-legal-docum...

Which font is best for logo?

Here are the 20 best fonts for logos, both paid and free:Noe Display. Serif | Paid. ... GT Super. Serif | Paid. ... 5 best free fonts for professional logo design.Raleway. Sans-serif | Free. ... Cormorant. Serif | Free. ... Poppins. Geometric sans-serif | Free. ... Eczar. Calligraphic serif | Free. ... Roboto Slab. Slab serif | Free.15 Best Fonts for Logos Plus 5 Free Fonts - › blog › 2019/12 › best-fonts-for-logosMore items...

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