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Why is my Los Angeles divorce taking so long?

The most obvious reason is you hired the wrong Los Angeles divorce attorney. Sometimes, it’s more, and the reason the divorce is taking forever is a combination of you, your spouse, and your spouse’s lawyer not behaving. Here are some common reasons, and potential solutions.

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Who is the family law firm in Los Angeles CA?

Berenji & Associates is a family law firm working with the people of Los Angeles and the surrounding communities. Founding attorney Hossein Berenji has been practicing law since 2001, and he has experience with divorce cases involving same-sex couples, high net worth individuals, and contention.

How much a lawyer makes in LA?

The average salary for a attorney is $111,995 per year in Los Angeles, CA. 405 salaries reported, updated at July 8, 2022.Attorney salary in Los Angeles, CA - › Home › Career Explorer › Attorney › Salaries

How much does a family law attorney make in California?

How much does a Family Law Attorney make in California? The average Family Law Attorney salary in California is $87,888 as of June 28, 2022, but the range typically falls between $74,926 and $101,667.Family Law Attorney Salary in › research › salary › posting › family-law-attorney-salary

Where do divorce lawyers get paid the most?

Divorce Lawyers make the most in San Francisco, CA at $197,353, averaging total compensation 38% greater than the US average.Divorce Lawyer Salary | › salaries › salaries-for-divorce-lawyer

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How much does a divorce lawyer cost in Indiana?

Legal representation on average costs $9,000 for a divorce in Indiana. But it can cost much more, depending on your divorce. A divorce can cost tens of thousands of dollars if there are a lot of assets, if it stretches on for a long time, or if there are complex child custody issues.How Much Does a Divorce Cost in Indiana? - Trapp Law, › how-much-does-a-divorce-cost-in-indiana

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How does divorce work in Kentucky?

Kentucky has “no-fault” divorce. This means no one has to be at fault or have done anything wrong to cause the breakup of the marriage. Kentucky only requires that at least 1 spouse believes there is an “irretrievable breakdown” of the marriage with no hope of getting back together.Divorce in › topics › families-children-divorce › divorce-kentucky

How much is a divorce in Kentucky?

Divorce Filing Fees in Kentucky Expect to pay around $115 to $250. For example, as of 2022 the filing fees for divorce in Kenton County total $198, and the filing fees for divorce in Fayette County total $211.50.How Do I File for Divorce in Kentucky? | › resources › filing-for-divorce › kentucky

Which is the best divorce lawyer in Louisville Ky?

Top Louisville Divorce Lawyers - Kentucky. 1 Aldridge Law Group. Divorce Lawyers Serving Louisville, KY (Elizabethtown, KY) Award Winning Customer Service & Legal Representation. When It's Time ... 2 Gibson Law Offices. 3 Hoge Partners, PLLC. 4 Pearson & Paris, P.S.C. 5 Carrie D. Ritsert, Attorney At Law. More items

How can FindLaw help you through the divorce process in Kentucky?

The divorce process can be confusing, especially without legal assistance. FindLaw's directory can connect you with trusted divorce lawyers in Louisville, Kentucky to guide you through the divorce process and minimize the stress you experience during this difficult time. What Is the Difference Between Divorce and Separation?

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