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Can you be evicted from affordable housing NYC?

The rent stabilization code requires that you live in your apartment for more than half the year for it to be considered your primary residence, so if your landlord finds that you've been spending less than six months of the year there, he or she can begin eviction proceedings.Can rent-stabilized tenants be evicted in New York City? › rules-for-evicting-rent-stabilized-tenant-nyc

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Where can I find affordable housing in New York City?

Affordable Housing The NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) offers a wide variety of programs that create newly constructed or renovated affordable rental housing throughout the five boroughs.

What is the NYC Department of Housing Preservation and development?

The NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) offers a wide variety of programs that create newly constructed or renovated affordable rental housing throughout the five boroughs.

Where can I find a housing lawyer in New York?

Housing Lawyers at 161 West 61st Street, 11th Floor, New York, NY 10023-7450 Attorney-Client disputes, Civil Litigation, Civil Rights, Contested Probate, Contracts, Construction, Employment Discrimination, Restrictive Covenants, Real Estate, Condominium, ... Read More Housing Lawyers at 299 Broadway, Suite 1615, New York, NY 10007

Where can I find affordable housing in NYC?

You may view all currently available affordable housing opportunities by visiting the NYC Housing Connect online portal. NYC Housing Connect is a portal for New Yorkers to find and apply for affordable housing opportunities across the five boroughs of New York City.Find | › find

Do I need a lawyer to buy an apartment in NYC?

No, you're not required to hire a real estate attorney when buying or selling real estate in New York. However, it's highly recommended that you hire a lawyer as they will look out for your interests and protect your investment, especially if you're buying in NYC.Real Estate Lawyers in NYC: How to Find and Hire the Best - › article › how-to-hire-a-lawyer-to-buy-an-apartment-in-...

How do I find a tenant lawyer in NYC?

1Call (718) 557-1379 or (212) 962-4795 from Monday – Friday, between 9am and 5pm.2Call 311 and ask for the Tenant Helpline.3Email OCJ at ... 4Contact a nonprofit law office near you.Legal Services for Tenants - HRA - › site › hra › help › legal-services-for-tenants

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How much does an immigration lawyer cost in Texas?

An hourly rate: Immigration lawyers often offer hourly rates when your immigration case is complex such as detention or immigration appeal. The average hourly rate for an immigration lawyer can be between $150 and $300.Houston Immigration Lawyer - Cost, Reviews, Free Consultation › houston-immigration-lawyer

How much do immigration lawyers make in Houston?

How much does an Immigration Attorney make in Houston, TX? The average Immigration Attorney salary in Houston, TX is $83,795 as of June 28, 2022, but the salary range typically falls between $71,437 and $96,933.Immigration Attorney Salary in Houston, › posting › immigration-attorney-salary › houston-tx

Why Dunham&Jones immigration lawyer?

Dunham & Jones #1 Goal as your Immigration Lawyer is to help you and your family live the American Dream! The law firm offers its clients FREE Consultation and Easy Payment Plans with No Money Down in most cases. Dunham & Jones believes experienced and quality legal representation should be affordable.

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