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Do you defend all types of speeding offences in court?

He defends all types of speeding offences in court - especially where it is important to save the client's driver's licence: on-the-spot fines & court charges, driving at a dangerous speed For information on infringement notices, first read the "Fines" page. The FAQ below will answer most questions, or try the Online Forum .

What is the penalty for driving over 100 mph UK?

You're likely to face a fine of 150% of your weekly income, though magistrates can choose to impose a sum 25% either side of that figure. The maximum fine is �1,000, or �2,500 if the offence took place on a motorway. On top of this, you might have to pay court costs, too.What are the penalties for driving over 100mph? - The Insurance › news › March-2021

Can you argue a speeding ticket UK?

If a court decides in favour of police or speed camera evidence, your small speeding penalty could turn into a bigger one! That's why experts reckon less than one per cent of UK speeding tickets are contested, and only around half of those appeals are tips on UK speeding tickets and how to appeal them | Auto › car-news › speeding-fines-top-tips-on-uk-speedi...

legal advice springfield massachusetts

Which is the best law firm in Springfield MA?

Springfield, MA Lawyers & Law Firms 1 Dennis E. Tully, Attorney at Law. DeFranceschi & Klemm, P.C. ... 2 George & Davis P.C. | Law & Mediation. A family owned firm serving the communities of Central Massachusetts on matters of Bankruptcy, Estate Planning, Family Law, Real Estate and more ... 3 Douglas R. Peterson. ... 4 Stephen R. Manning, P.C. ...

Where can I get legal advice for Housing Court?

The Housing Court Virtual Lawyer for the Day provides brief legal advice and general help to landlords and tenants in housing court. The Legal Clinic Hotline provides brief legal advice and general help to individuals in need of legal help in various areas including, housing, family/probate, and general civil litigation.

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What is/R/legaladvice?

/r/legaladvice is a subreddit designed to answer simple questions and to explain simple concepts about the law. /r/legaladvice is not a substitute for consultation with a local attorney who can give you specific advice on your situation.

Is it illegal to give legal advice?

Illegal advice is never allowed, for any reason, in any circumstance. 9. Advice to contact the media or otherwise publicize a legal problem will be removed. This includes advice to post to social media for the purpose of seeking publicity.

legal advice synonym

What is a synonym for legal adviser?

Synonyms for legal adviser. barrister. counselor. legal expert. attorney. counsel. counsellor. defender.

What jobs can you get with a law degree?

counsellor. counselor. defender. judge. justice. lawyer. legal adviser. legal expert. legal scholar.

What is a synonym for advice?

Synonyms for advice. adjuration, admonishment, admonition, counsel, guidance, input. 2 usually advices plural a report of recent events or facts not previously known. had advices that the city could hold out against an invasion force for at most a week.

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