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What is the meaning of legal advice?

In commercial language, advice usually means information communicated by letter; used chiefly in reference to drafts or bills of exchange; as, a letter of advice. (legal) Counseling to perform a specific illegal act.

Can paralegals give legal advice UK?

Paralegals assist lawyers in their work. They undertake some of the same work as lawyers but do not give advice to consumers of legal services. The paralegal is a relatively modern phenomenon in British legal circles.Legal professionals – who does what? | The Law › public › for-public-visitors › resources › who-do...

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What is a legal guardian in Australia?

A guardian can be a relative or kinship carer, a family friend or an authorised carer who has an established and positive relationship with the child or young person. There is no legal definition of who may be a suitable person.Who can become a guardian? | Family & Community › families › Who-can-become-a-guardian

What is a Power of Attorney Australia?

A power of attorney gives you choice and control over who makes decisions for you when you are no longer able to do so. This could be because you lose the legal capacity to make decisions, or because you are travelling overseas and need someone to make decisions for you while you are away.Powers of attorney | Victoria Legal › powers-attorney

What are the legal needs of older people in aged care?

The legal needs of older people in NSW, a 2004 report from the Law and Justice Foundation, found the major issues of concerns for seniors in aged care include: Complex and confusing contractual and financial arrangements. Inadequate access by residents to medical and care records.

Can a person be forced into a nursing home in Australia?

Residential aged care facilities can provide assistance with day-to-day tasks including personal care. That said, no one can force you to move into aged care if you don't want to. It may be that care can be provided for you in your home by a home care organisation.Moving into an Aged Care Facility - CRH › our-expertise › elder-law › moving-aged-care-facility

What is a legal guardian Australia?

Guardianship orders give a person (called a 'guardian') the power to make decisions on another person's behalf about their personal matters such as where you live, health care and access to services. In some guardianship order cases, there may be more than one guardian (called 'joint guardians').Guardianship orders | Victoria Legal › guardianship-orders

How do I stop selling my home to pay for care in Australia?

The best way to avoid selling the home to pay for aged care is to have a carefully structured financial plan to pay for the various aged care fees. You need to consider if rental, government support, or other income, will be enough to pay the fees, or are there other financial assets to pay the RAD.How Not to Pay a Nursing Home Bond | Core Value Financial › how-not-to-pay-a-nursing-home-bond

What are the laws for Aged Care in Australia?

Aged care laws in Australia 1 Aged Care Act. 2 Other aged care laws. 3 Determinations. 4 Aged Care Diversity Framework. The Aged Care Diversity Framework aims to make sure our aged care services are respectful... 5 Report on the Aged Care Act. Each year, we must report on the operation of the Aged Care Act 1997 to the Australian... More ...

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How can I get free legal advice in Alabama?

You may qualify for free legal help1Call Legal Services Alabama.2English 1-866-456-4995.3Espa�ol 1-888-835-3505.4Apply Online for Legal Help.5Find your local office.Alabama Legal Help

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