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Can the chairman of a general meeting be a proxy?

In practice, where the voting at a general meeting is to be held on a poll rather than a show of hands, many shareholders opt to appoint the chairman of the meeting to be their proxy. They usually set out voting instructions within the proxy form, which the chairman is obliged to follow.

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What is a private curator?

Anyone in the circle of friends and family of the person needing protection can be named as his curator, as long as the person is an adult or emancipated minor (person under 18 with some or all of the rights of an adult). This is called “private curatorship”.Curatorship for Adults | � › capsules › curatorship-for-adults

How do I find a family law lawyer in Quebec?

The Bar of Quebec offers a referral service that can help you locate a lawyer in your area. You can also try searching on the Internet. When you make your first appointment, ask the lawyer if she is familiar with family law and find out what she charges, at least for the first meeting.

Is the Québec enterprise register sufficient for a lawyer?

However, the Québec enterprise register is sufficient for: the officer. The director or employee exclusively employed by the enterprise must provide a representation mandate, but not the officer. A lawyer.

What is the role of a legal representative?

You are the legal representative of a person of full age You have agreed to become the legal representative – tutor, curator or mandatary - or the advisor of someone close to you who has been declared incapacitated. In addition to ensuring that this person is safe, you are looking after their property and legally representing them.

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How do you become an executor of an estate in Quebec?

You are named as the executor in the will You are appointed as the administrator of the estate by a court You are the liquidator for an estate in Quebec You are requesting to be the deceased’s representative by completing an Affidavit form for intestate situations (when there is no will or other legal documents)

Who is the liquidator of an estate in Quebec?

You are the liquidator for an estate in Quebec. You are requesting to be recognized as the person who will manage the CRA tax matters for the deceased, where there is no will or other legal documents. For all provinces and territories, other than Quebec, complete form RC552, Appointing a legal representative for a deceased person.

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What is the role of the legal representative of a company?

The legal representative of the company often has the highest control and decision-making power within the company, therefore, the company should, in accordance with the law, specify and restrict the scope of its senior management in the Articles of Association or bylaws, including the legal representative.

What is a legal personal representative?

Duties & Responsibilities - Will and Estate Lawyers Australia What is a Legal Personal Representative? A Legal Personal Representative (LPR) is the name given to the representative of an estate at law. If there is a will this personal is the executor. Where there is no will, the LPR is the Administrator of the estate appointed by the Supreme Court.

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What is signature of Representative?

If the represented person is bound, the signature of the representative is the "authorized signature of the represented person" and the represented person is liable on the instrument, whether or not identified in the instrument.� 3-402. SIGNATURE BY REPRESENTATIVE. | US › Uniform Commercial Code

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