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Personal Injury Lawyer For Doctors

Is a personal injury claim a criminal or civil case?

There are two main strands to the law in England and Wales: criminal law and civil law. Personal injury claims and clinical negligence claims (alongside many other kinds of legal action) are matters of civil law. As such, personal injury claims are completely separate from criminal law, and use different courts and procedures from criminal trials.

Why do lawyers want you to use their doctors?

Some attorneys may consistently use the same doctor or doctors to provide expert medical testimony. They may take on all of a lawyer's clients and treat them similarly. If the insurance agent (or jury, if the case goes to trial) notices this pattern, he could bring it up and launch an investigation.Why Does My Lawyer Want Me To See A Doctor?downtownlalaw.com › faqs › why-does-my-lawyer-want-me-to-see-a-doctor

How many clients can a personal injury lawyer have?

A personal injury lawyer may have over 200 clients at any one time, depending upon how complex the claims are and how much help they have. Some unqualified paralegals have 500 claims (usually road traffic accidents ).

Why hire a medical malpractice attorney?

This enables us to better litigate cases that involve pharmaceuticals and medical issues, especially complex medical malpractice cases. And our doctors are not just any doctors, but skilled and highly educated physician-attorneys who share decades of quality experience.

personal injury lawyer for mold

Can you sue for being exposed to black mold?

Black Mold And Your Landlord's Responsibilities It may be possible to file a lawsuit against anyone who has caused or contributed to the presence of toxic mold in your home or other property if you or a family member have suffered health problems or property damage due to the presence of toxic mold.Can You Sue for Mold? Ask a Toxic Mold Attorney - Calandro Lawcalandrolaw.com › news › sue-mold-ask-toxic-mold-attorney

Is mold a toxic tort?

Toxic mold generally occurs because of water intrusion, from sources such as plumbing problems, floods, or roof leaks. It is this ageless life form that has spawned a new species of toxic tort claims and has had legal and medical experts debating the complex health implications that follow.What is Toxic Mold Litigation? - Bremer Whyte Brown & O'Mearabremerwhyte.com › news-thought-leadership › toxic-mold-litigation-vik-n...

personal injury lawyer for special needs

Can a special needs trust be the payee of a settlement?

If structured settlement annuity payments are utilized where a special needs trust is involved, the payee of the structured settlement annuity payments must be the special needs trust. What are Medicare set-asides and what role do they play in personal injury settlements?

personal injury lawyer for special needs child

What is a special needs law firm?

We are a special needs law firm; that is our focus, representing clients in Northern, Central and Southern California. We provide a very specific spectrum of services on behalf of families with a special needs family member.

Can a personal injury claim be made for a child's injury?

But certain injuries to children can result in a personal injury claim when someone else's carelessness plays a part. A school may be liability for injuries to children, for example.

What special education/IEP attorney services do we offer?

The focus of our special education/IEP attorney services are due process representation. Our office is prepared to file an appeal on your child’s behalf with the California Office of Administrative Hearings (“OAH”) – Special Education Division. There are five categories in which an individual can be eligible for regional center services.

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