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Nickerson Jacquard Lawyers Yarmouth Ns

Why choose Nickerson Jacquard Russell?

With more than 125 years of combined experience, Nickerson Jacquard Russell is a leading law firm in Western Nova Scotia focused on providing full-service legal solutions to our clients.

Who is the small claims court adjudicator in Nova Scotia?

Since 2014, Mr. Nickerson has been a Small Claims Court Adjudicator sitting in Yarmouth, Shelburne, Digby and Annapolis Royal. Mr. Nickerson represents some of Western Nova Scotia’s leading companies and regularly performs agency work for leading Halifax law firms.

Who is Mr Nickerson?

Mr. Nickerson entered the general practice of law as an associate in 1977 with Irving Pink Q.C., one of Eastern Canada’s most respected barristers. He has enjoyed an extensive and varied practice.

nj attorney fee arbitration response form

What is fee arbitration in New Jersey?

As an alternative to such a lawsuit, the Supreme Court of New Jersey has established the fee arbitration process as a low-cost and efficient method to resolve such disputes. District fee arbitration committees throughout New Jersey are maintained by volunteers, with the goal of resolving, through binding arbitration, disputes over attorney fees.

How do I request a fee arbitration form?

If you desire assistance by a fee arbitration committee in determining whether the fee charged by your lawyer was reasonable, call the toll-free number 1-800-406-8594 and you will be connected to the district fee arbitration secretary to request fee arbitration forms.

no fault insurance law new york

What is the no-fault law and how does it work?

Though the purpose of the no-fault law was to ease the burden of those who are injured in motor vehicle accidents and expedite the money they receive for medical needs, there have been several incidents of insurance fraud. As such, insurance companies are very strict with the requirements for filing a claim.

How does New York’s no-fault insurance work?

In order to be eligible for New York’s no-fault insurance benefits, you must meet the following criteria: The insurance policy has to be sold in the state of New York or at least issued by an insurance company that is licensed to conduct business within the state. The vehicle has to be a car, a bus, a taxi, or a truck.

Are no-fault insurance payments taxable?

Should an accident occur, no-fault insurance will cover 80 percent of the gross wages that an individual loses as a result of an accident, the maximum amount being $2,000 a month; the 20 percent that isn’t covered is intended to replicate taxes. As such, no-fault payments aren’t taxable.

What damages are included in a New York State no-fault claim?

Damages include medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses that are related to medical needs that occur because of a vehicle accident. Every insured vehicle in the state of New York has a minimum of $50,000 in no-fault coverage for every person who occupies the insured vehicle.

no legal representation in court

Can a one-person company have representation in court?

- Bregman Moodley Attorneys Inc Representation in Court – Legal or Not? The courts may permit a one-person company to be represented at a court hearing by its alter ego. However it must be stressed that this will only be the case if exceptional circumstances exist. Representation in Court – Legal or Not?

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