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Which is the first website on law in Pakistan?

It has the privileged to be the “First website on law in Pakistan In technical sense Pakistan Lawyer may be termed as a portal and being a law portal, it offers all the basic functionalities of a web portal which encompass searching of laws, case laws, and notifications as well as finding lawyers in Pakistan.

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Who is Simone from Palmer Macauley?

Having joined Palmer Macauley in 2014 Simone is now part of the property and estates team. She’s also the ‘go to’ person when you want to know anything about anyone who lives within 50km radius of the area! Simone is a devoted Mum including to Zeus, a black lab puppy.

Who is Palmer Macauley’s Kerikeri?

After a decade away, Rick returned to NZ with his family in 1998 to head Palmer Macauley’s Kerikeri branch where he specialises in business law, farming, trust and property work. He also mans the Mangonui office on Tuesdays.

Who is rickrick Palmer?

Rick is the youngest son of the firm’s founder George Palmer. He has been involved in the firm since childhood and recalls his first job was delivering cheques around Kaikohe for which he was paid in ice cream!

Who are Macauley?

Peter Macauley joined the firm in 1970 and in 1973 George and Peter created an enduring legal partnership. While in many ways ‘chalk and cheese’, the pair covered the community spectrum and the firm became known for a strong culture of community service, something that continues today.

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What does a PAO lawyer do?

The PAO shall independently discharge its mandate to render, free of charge, legal representation, assistance, and counselling to indigent persons in criminal, civil, labor, administrative and other quasi-judicial cases.PAO's Mandate and Functions - Public Attorneys › page

What are the advantages of a Pao?

The PAO is exempted from payment of charges on postage stamps and mail matters; Public Attorney’s positions at the ratio of one public attorney to an organized court sala; PAO lawyers have general authority to administer oaths in connection with the performance of duty. No need to apply before the courts for authority as notary public;

How much does an attorney make in Philippines?

The average hourly wage (pay per hour) in Philippines is 470 PHP. This means that the average Attorney in Philippines earns approximately 470 PHP for every worked hour. The hourly wage is the salary paid in one worked hour.

How much is the starting salary of a PAO lawyer?

Can't say how much but PAO's starting salary is very competitive. Way higher than most private firms. Aspiring lawyer here. Talked to a friend whose mom is a lawyer. P90,000/month daw PAO. Others say it is P60,000/month. Really competitive. Downside? Case load siguro. Napakadami talaga and usually criminal cases.

What are the allowances given to Pao lawyers?

The Chief Public Attorney, the Deputy Chief Public Attorneys, the Regional Public Attorneys, the Provincial, City and Municipal District Public Attorneys, other PAO lawyers and officials who have direct supervision over PAO lawyers shall be granted special allowances not exceeding 100\\% of the basic salary of PAO officials and lawyers.

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