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Is there a cooling-off period when buying a car in Western Australia?

In Western Australia there is no cooling-off period for a contract to buy a motor vehicle, which means, once you sign the contract you are bound to go through with the purchase. By law, the dealer must give you a copy of the contract at the time you sign it.Motor Vehicles | Working for your financial and consumer rightscclswa.org.au › Advice

How can legal advice help you when buying a car?

Legal can help Our team of specialist advisers has extensive experience of advising on a range of car issues and your legal rights when buying a new or used car. We can advise you on what remedies you’re entitled to ask for and other factors can affect your claim.

Is it legal to buy a used car from a dealer?

There are legal protections for people buying a second hand car from a used car dealer. Before buying a car, you should be given a contract of sale, and a safety certificate. Before signing the contract of sale, the dealer must give you:

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Can You volunteer at a law centre?

Volunteering at a Law Centre As well as employing lawyers who specialise in social welfare law, Law Centres pride themselves on the volunteers, apprentices and trainees who contribute to Law Centres' services to their communities.

How many lawyers are involved in free legal advice scheme?

All the lawyers giving advice to members of the public through the Free Legal Advice Scheme are qualified lawyers who join the Scheme on volunteer basis. There are over 900 lawyers participating in the Scheme.

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Where can I get free legal aid in Chicago IL?

Legal Assistance Foundation of Metropolitan Chicago - This agency supports individuals and families in Chicago Illinois and suburban Cook County. For free legal advice call (312) 341-1070. There are also other firms to try, such as Volunteer Services and more. Click here Chicago free legal aid.

Where can I get free legal advice in Cook County?

The Center for Disability & Elder Law (CDEL) supports residents of Cook County as well as Chicago. Volunteer attorneys offer free advice to the disabled as well as elderly in the county. The address is 205 W. Randolph, Suite 1610, Chicago, IL 60606. Or dial (312) 376-1880.

How can the elderly get legal advice in Illinois?

The elderly in Illinois can get free advice or representation, no matter their income. They can receive wills and powers of attorney for persons age 60 and over and persons who are HIV positive.

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How to get help with child custody issues?

Government agencies are also helpful body to help in case you have an issue with child custody. Government agencies work on free for low-income families. They also provide low-cost legal help, which can be very important to get a side of the child custody. Additionally, the victim can get much information on this issue if they don’t know.

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What is a reasonable parent in a child custody case?

The court is entitled to authenticate if the mother has the capacity to take care of the child under legal requirements and perform parental responsibilities when given the custody. The court can also consider what a reasonable parent would do to handle a child custody dispute and determine which parent the child will be happiest with.

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