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Family Attorney Austin Texas

Who is the family law attorney in Williamson County Texas?

Our family law attorneys routinely practice before the courts in Williamson County and are active members in good standing of the Williamson County Bar Association. Our principal attorney, James W. Evans (known as “Jimmy”) is Board Certified in Family law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, and has been in practice since 1995.

Who is the Best Family Law lawyer in Austin TX?

Top Rated Family Law Lawyers in Austin, TX. 1 Christopher M. Kirker. Top Rated Family Law Lawyer Kirker Davis LLP Austin, TX. 2 Daryl G. Weinman. 3 Amanda R. Andrae. 4 D. Micah Royer, III. 5 Susannah A. Stinson. More items

What does a family law attorney do?

Lisa Londergan is an experienced family law attorney practicing in the Austin area. Given that family law has both federal and state components, rules and regulations that govern this field can be complex. Family laws pertain to divorce, adoption, child custody, support and abuse, reproductive rights, domestic violence, or division of property.

family attorney boise idaho

Where to find a family law firm in Idaho?

A Law Firm practicing Family Law. Nestled amongst the trees along the banks of the Boise River sits Evans Keane – an experienced Idaho law firm that since 1984 has been ... Read More committed to providing our clients with statewide representation. Family Lawyers at 401 W. Front Street, Suite 401, Boise, ID 83702 A Law Firm practicing Family Law.

family attorney colorado springs

Why choose Family Law Group Colorado Springs?

Family Law Group provides legal services to clients in Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas. The law firm helps clients resolve their family law disputes involving divorce, domestic violence, and second marriages. It also assists clients who wish to understand the process and legal requirements needed for adoption.

Who is the family law attorney in El Paso County?

R. Robert Clothier PC is a Colorado Springs family law attorney who has been practicing throughout El Paso County and surrounding areas since 1983. Clothier offers legal assistance for couples pursuing adoptions, paternity cases to determine father's rights and responsibilities, and same-sex and hetero couples civil unions.

Who is Fisher family law in Colorado Springs?

Robert S. Fisher PC is a family law firm in Colorado Springs. It represents clients in divorces or legal separations and works to establish fair agreements for child custody and support. The firm also negotiates alimony, visitation, parenting time, and the division of debts and assets.

Do all attorneys in Colorado Springs specialize?

Not all attorneys in Colorado Springs specialize, they are generalists. While general law is good in many situations, when you are dealing with family matters or your own health and workplace injuries, a firm like Family Lawyers Colorado Springs, that does nothing but Family Law and Disability should be your first choice.

family attorney corpus christi tx

Which Corpus Christi law firms offer adoption services?

With an office in Corpus Christi, the law firm Eddington & Worley represents clients throughout the local area. The firm assists LGBTQ+ clients through the adoption process, including issues related to pre-adoptive home screenings. It also deals with probate law and counsels families on matters involving asset transfer and debt management.

Where to hire a family law attorney in Corpus Christi TX?

Family Lawyers at 921 N. Chaparral Suite 100, Corpus Christi, TX 78401 Choosing the right attorney is important for the success of your case—in fact, it’s absolutely critical. Make sure you make the right choice by choosing Alex R. Hernandez Jr. ...

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