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Companies Act 2013 Latest Amendments

Which is the latest Companies Act?

LanguageAct ID:201318Long Title:An Act to consolidate and amend the law relating to companies.Ministry:Ministry of Corporate AffairsEnforcement Date:01-04-2014Last Updated:22-04-2019Companies Act, 2013 - India › handle

What is the year of the latest amended Companies Act?

The Companies Act, 2013 has undergone amendments in 2015, 2017, 2019 and by Amendment Act, 2020.The Journey of Companies Act from 1956 to 2021 - Taxmann › Home › Blog

Which act has been replaced by Companies Act, 2013?

The Act has replaced The Companies Act, 1956 (in a partial manner) after receiving the assent of the President of India on 29 August 2013. The section 1 of the companies Act 2013 came into force on 30 August 2013 .Companies Act 2013 - › wiki › Companies_Act_2013

companies act 2013 section 68

What is Section 67 of Companies Act, 2013?

Section 67(1) of the 2013 Act provides that no company limited by shares or by guarantee and having a share capital shall have the power to buy its own shares unless the consequent reduction of share capital is effected under the provisions of the 2013 Act.MCA's Notification on Section 67 of the Companies Act, › 2021/10 › mcas-notification-on-secti...

What is Section 69 of Companies Act, 2013?

(1) Where a company purchases its own shares out of free reserves or securities premium account, a sum equal to the nominal value of the shares so purchased shall be transferred to the capital redemption reserve account and details of such transfer shall be disclosed in the balance sheet.Section 69.Transfer of certain sums to capital redemption reserve › transfer-of-certain-sums-to-capital-redemption-reserve-acco...

What are the provisions of the Companies Act 2013 (CA 2013)?

Chapter IV (Sections 43 – 72) of the Companies Act, 2013 (CA 2013) deals with the provisions related to share capital and debentures. Section 68 of CA 2013 provides for restrictions on purchase by company or giving of loans by it for purchase of its shares.

Which are the sections of Companies Act, 2013 for provision of Buy-back of shares?

Therefore, Section 68,69 and 70 of the Companies Act,2013 read together with the rule 17 of the Companies (share capital and debentures) Amendment Rules,2016 regulates the process of Buyback of shares by an unlisted company.Buy-back of shares as per Companies Act, 2013 - › company-law › buy-back-shares-companies-act-2013

When did Section 68 of the Companies Act come into force?

Section 68 of the Companies Act, 2013 has been notified by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) vide Notification No. S.O. 902 (E) issued dated 27.03.2014. This notification was come into force from 1st April, 2014 i.e. the commencement date of section 68 is 1-4-2014.

What is the maximum limit for Buy-back of shares by a company?

Buy-back should not be more than 25% of the total paid up capital and free reserves of the company. 4. Buy-back of equity shares in any financial year must not exceed 25% of its paid up equity capital.Buy Back of Shares (Sec 68) › wp-content › uploads › 2020/03 › buy-back

companies act 2013 section 71

What is Section 77 of Companies Act, 2013?

DUTY TO REGISTER CHARGES, ETC. Provided also that any subsequent registration of a charge shall not prejudice any right acquired in respect of any property before the charge is actually registered.Section 77 of Companies Act, 2013 – Duty to Register Charges, › companies_act › section-77-of-companies-act-...

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