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Can You Sue A Juvenile Court

What is juvenile court?

Juvenile court is a special court or department of a trial court, that deals with under-age defendants who are charged with crimes, are neglected, or are out of the control of their parents.

can you sue a lawyer for bad advice

When to sue a lawyer for malpractice after losing money?

But if you have a trial scheduled for three weeks from now, your new lawyer will have a monumental and time-consuming job. If you lost money because of the way your lawyer handled your case, consider suing for malpractice. Know, however, that it is not an easy task.

Can a lawyer be sued for giving incorrect legal advice?

Just as a doctor can be sued for medical negligence, a lawyer can be sued for giving incorrect legal advice. In fact any professional can be sued for negligence. This is the reason many of them take indemnity insurance.

Can I Sue my Lawyer for a mistake?

And l ike all professionals, sometimes lawyers make mistakes. If you believe your lawyer has made a mistake on your case which has caused you to suffer damages, you can sue the lawyer in order to receive the compensation the lawyer should have gotten you in your case.

Can an attorney be sued for legal malpractice too fast?

If you want to sue for legal malpractice, do it as quickly as possible. A common defense raised by attorneys sued for malpractice is that the client waited too long to sue. And because this area of the law can be surprisingly complicated and confusing, there's often plenty of room for argument.

can you sue a lawyer for conflict of interest

How can I avoid a conflict of interest with my clients?

One way to remove the risk of a conflict of interest, or potential conflict, will be to restrict your retainer in a matter. This way you are only acting for / advising the client or clients on those aspects of the matter where a conflict is not likely to arise.

Is it legal for a lawyer to have a conflict of interest?

This might create a problem for the company and lead to policy changes, but it wouldn't necessarily violate any laws. In the legal field, however, one of the legal duties every lawyer must observe is to avoid conflicts of interest when it comes to their clients.

What is an example of a conflict of interest?

For example, if a client wishes to sue a business that is owned by the lawyer’s brother-in-law, there is a conflict of interest and the lawyer should decline representation.

can you sue a lawyer for discrimination

Do I need a lawyer to file a right to sue?

Once you receive your right to sue letter from the state or federal administrative agency, you may file a lawsuit. Whether, where, and when to file a lawsuit -- and what to include in it -- are all important decisions, for which you will certainly need a lawyer's help.

Do I need a lawyer for an EEOC discrimination claim?

Additionally, an attorney can also help you investigate and pursue any additional remedies while the EEOC conducts an investigation of your discrimination claim. Finally, an attorney can also file a private discrimination lawsuit against your employer, and represent your interests in court as necessary.

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