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What are the benefits of the free legal aid?

The free legal aid does not include just free lawyer assistance but also other benefits like representation by a Procurator if necessary, advisement, legal assistance to detainees, free legal publications, exemption from the payment of court fees as well as free expert assistance inter alia.

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Is legal assistance included in the more than extra cover?

Legal assistance is included as part of MORE THAN Extra but you can also add this to our other cover levels as an optional extra. If you’re injured in an accident, you can speak to our legal team for guidance and advice, 24 hours a day.

How much does legal insurance cost?

A standard plan can range from $10 to $25 a month. This works out to less than $1 per day. There are also plans that allow you to pay per service, so you're not stuck paying a monthly bill. You might be better off buying coverage rather than waiting until you need help and paying high legal fees. How Does Legal Insurance Work?

What is legal protection and support insurance?

In the US market, legal protection and support is often granted via legal plans or pre-paid legal services which, most of the time, are not an insurance. This form of insurance is the most widespread. It covers those wishing to protect themselves against possible future claims and it is purchased before the prospect of any legal dispute.

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What is the law on mutual assistance in Ireland?

In Ireland, the main legislative basis for the provision and receipt of such assistance is the Criminal Justice (Mutual Assistance) Act 2008, as amended. The Minister for Justice acts as the Irish Central Authority for Mutual Assistance.

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How do I interview for a legal assistant position?

Legal Assistant Interview Questions1How would you deal with an unreasonable lawyer? ... 2In what ways do you keep up with legal developments? ... 3In what ways have you contributed to the efficiency of a company's operation? ... 4How do you handle an interaction with a difficult client?Legal Assistant Interview Questions - Betterteam › legal-assistant-interview-questionsMore items...

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What does legal aid do for neighborhoods?

Legal Aid helps neighborhoods in legal disputes over liquor licenses and zoning issues. Legal Aid works in partnership with City Codes Enforcement, and collaborates with other City neighborhood improvement efforts, such as the Green Impact Zone plan to address problem properties.

What kind of civil legal issues do legal aid clients face?

Legal Aid clients face legal and financial crises that are rooted in racial inequality, poverty, or both. Our success stories shine a light on the sorts of civil legal issues our clients face and show how your support impacts your neighbors and your community. It’s hard to play in a game where your opponent has the gear and you have nothing.

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Who is the chairman of Free legal Assistance Group?

It is the first and largest group of human rights lawyers established in the nation. They work on countering varied abuses of human rights and civil liberties. ... Free Legal Assistance Group.Founded1974Fieldshuman rights, legal representation, legal adviceKey peopleChel Diokno (Chairperson)WebsiteFLAG Namati WebsiteFree Legal Assistance Group - › wiki › Free_Legal_Assistance_Group

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What is the lawyers and judges Assistance Program?

"The Lawyers and Judges Assistance Program's goal is to support Michigan legal professionals to optimize their general wellness and/or to facilitate involvement in our monitoring program." All services offered are confidential as regulated by HIPAA.

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