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Free Law Presentation Templates

What is the lawyer PowerPoint template?

The Lawyer PowerPoint template is a simple, minimalistic template design that provides you with a solid foundation to create a stunning legal presentation with ease. The template provides you with over one hundred and fifty slide designs, spread across five iconic themes.

Is there a free presentation template for law lessons?

We believe in the uses of technology in education, so that’s why we thought of creating a free presentation template for law lessons. This could be useful for law schools or universities, and its design is as formal and professional as this topic requires. Present your Law Center and offer legal advice with this formal template!

free law programs

Is there a free software for law firms?

Yes. Law firm management software free solutions are becoming more popular because they meet the needs of small firms that may only have one or two lawyers and a handful of clients at any given time. Small law practices can benefit from the convenience of one of these platforms without ever needing to pay for extra features.

free law programs for high school students

What is the law program?

The Law program allows high schoolers to observe proceedings and participate in a mock trial at a local courthouse. Also, law school professionals will help demystify the law school trajectory and introduce students to the various career paths in law. This is another opportunity that is more of an introductory program than an internship.

Are there any free legal programs for teens this summer?

Free legal programs for teens to do in the summer may be difficult to find, but the experiences can expose teens to a lot of career options. (Hill Street Studios/Betty Mallorca/Getty Images) Although Joenathan Smith, 16, participates on the mock trial team at his high school, it was a weeklong summer program that helped cement his passion for law.

What are summer law programs for high school students?

prepare for medical and law school in high school. ] The length, size, curriculum and fees of summer law programs vary, but they all share a common goal of exposing teens to the various options that exist within the legal system. Programs can be as short as a week and include between 20 and 40 students.

Can high school students take free law classes at NYU?

NYU High School Law Institute NYU encourages high school students to attend free classes taught on Saturdays from 10 am to 1 pm by NYU Law and undergraduate students. The program is currently operating remotely during the Fall 2021 semester due to COVID-19, but might return to an in-person learning environment for future sessions.

free law project recap

What is the Free Law Project?

Started in 2010, Free Law Project is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit that works to make the legal world more fair and efficient. We do this through a number of projects including: The RECAP Extensions — Simple browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Safari (iOS + macOS) that open up federal court data.

What happens to the recap archive?

Everything that is in the RECAP Archive is also regularly uploaded to the Internet Archive, where it has a lasting home. This amounts to thousands of liberated documents daily. Finally, we make the RECAP Archive available via an API or as bulk data for journalists, researchers, startups, and developers.

What is the RECAP Project?

RECAP Project — Turning PACER Around Since 2009. RECAP is an online archive and free extension for Firefox and Chrome that improves the experience of using PACER, the electronic public access system for the U.S. Federal District and Bankruptcy Courts.

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