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Criminal Lawyers London Ontario

Where can I get a DUI lawyer in London Ontario?

Call Conron Law Professional Corporation to schedule your 30 minutes free consultation hours. Skinner Law Professional Corporation is an experienced criminal defence and DUI law firm in London, Ontario. They accept both private and publicly financed clients and represent you at every stage of the process.

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Why choose Karen Faulkner law in Louisville?

Karen Faulkner Law in Louisville is a law firm that provides litigation services in the areas of criminal defense, family, and general civil law. Founding attorney Karen Faulkner has been practicing law for over a decade and is known for her aggressive style in enforcing court orders and seeking findings of contempt.

Do you need an attorney in the Louisville metro area?

Leave a review. If you have been arrested in the Louisville metro area you need an experienced attorney on your side. Call me today! Results-Driven Criminal Defense. I Fight To Win!

What kind of cases does a criminal lawyer handle?

Some of the criminal defense cases handled include assault and battery, aiding and abetting, drug possession, theft and burglary, arson, bribery, and child abuse. Olash was named the best criminal lawyer of 2016 by Louisville magazine.

Who is the best DUI lawyer in Louisville Ky?

Harralson Law is a criminal defense law firm that serves residents in the Louisville area involved in criminal cases. Attorney John H. Harralson III represents clients facing state or federal felonies and misdemeanors. He is well-versed in defending the rights of those accused or charged with DUI]

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What happens when you get arrested in Medicine Hat?

When arrested in Medicine Hat the RCMP would bring you to a local RCMP detachment, rather than a centralized processing area (as occurs in major metropolitan centres). The RCMP station in Medicine Hat is located at 104 3rd Ave W Medicine Hat, and the phone number for the main line is 403-854-3393.

Where can I go to court in Medicine Hat?

With centralized offices in Calgary and Edmonton, we frequently travel to Medicine Hat for court appearances. The Medicine Hat court house is located at 401 Centre St Medicine Hat, with criminal court sitting dates of every 4th Wednesday of the month.

Who are the drug prosecution lawyers in Medicine Hat?

In Medicine Hat the drug prosecutors are not full time government lawyers. Rather, they are typically private civil or criminal lawyers that are hired on contract by the Federal Government to prosecute matters in various circuit points like Medicine Hat. Typically, only one prosecutor will be responsible for all drug matters in Medicine Hat.

What is the police department like in Medicine Hat?

Unlike major cities that have their own police forces, Medicine Hat is policed by the RCMP. For all intents and purposes, their powers of investigation, detention, and arrest are the same. However, their training policies, techniques, and oversight is quite different.

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Where can I get free legal advice?

Other resources that you may be able to obtain free legal advice from include a public library, court websites, state or local bar association websites, and legal clinics affiliated with law schools in your state. It should be noted, however, that some of these sources may not be able to answer all of your questions.

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