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Do police officers get car insurance discounts?

As a police officer, there’s no one who knows the laws and rules of the road like you. So car insurance companies consider you less likely to file a claim or receive a citation — thus making you a less-risky customer, which is reflected in more affordable rates. Here are some companies offering car insurance discounts for police officers:

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What is the annual motor vehicle law enforcement fee?

As originally enacted, Chapter 62, pt. Q, § 7 of the Laws of 2003, which amended Insurance Law § 9110, increased the annual motor vehicle law enforcement fee from one dollar to five dollars through July 1, 2007. On that date, the amendment was to sunset, at which point the annual motor vehicle law enforcement fee would revert to one dollar.

Why is there a police fee on my insurance policy?

The purpose of the fee is to cover the cost of police efforts to investigate auto theft and other car-related crimes. The fee is charged per car, not per policy, so if you have multiple cars on your policy, you may be charged more than one fee. Why do we need this fee?

Can a motor vehicle law enforcement fee be split?

Answer: The Department does not support the splitting of the Motor Vehicle Law Enforcement fee and such collection is not permitted. The entire fee must be paid at the start of the policy period or when a vehicle is added to or replaced on a policy. Can a policy be cancelled for nonpayment of the fee?

What is the New York state law enforcement fee?

New York is the only state to charge this fee, and you may be wondering exactly what it is. What is the Motor Vehicle Law Enforcement Fee? The Motor Vehicle Law Enforcement Fee is a $5 fee that is tacked onto every car insurance bill in New York state.

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Why is insurance a law?

It transfers the risk of loss to the other party to the contract in exchange for a fee called a premium. Insurance laws and regulations manage and control how insurance contracts are formed and enforced. Insurance laws manage the offering, buying, selling and claims processes for insurance in the United States.What is Insurance Law? | Becoming an Insurance › insurance-law

What has the Law Commission published on insurance law?

The Law Commission has published various issues papers and consultation papers on insurance law in recent years. Select two issues that the Commission has examined and discuss and compare the different approaches to them in consumer insurance policies and commercial insurance policies.

What does it mean to make good the loss of insurance?

That means that the assured in the case of loss against which the policy has been made shall be fully compensated and never more than the value of the policy. The insurer agrees to make good the loss but the insured, however, is not entitled to make a profit out of the loss.

What is the subject matter of insurance?

Subject matter of insurance– Example of insurable interest is the interest which an individual has in the property which he owns The insured must own an economic or financial interest whereby he will experience a financial loss if such loss occurs

What are the essential principles of life insurance?

In life insurance, the insurer is liable to pay the sum mentioned in the policy upon the happening of the contingency (death, or expiry of a certain period). The next essential principle of insurance is that in the event of some mishap to the insured property, the assured must take all necessary steps to mitigate the loss.

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