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Who is the Statewide Grievance Committee in California?

Statewide Grievance Committee. Statewide Bar Counsel. The Statewide Grievance Committee is a committee of 21 individuals, 14 of whom are attorneys and 7 of whom are not attorneys, appointed by the Judges of the Superior Court to review, investigate and adjudicate attorney ethics complaints.

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How do I get my lawyer license back in Connecticut?

The attorney can only get his or her license back under the procedures set out in section 2-53 of the Connecticut Practice Book. If the court finds that an attorney has knowingly misused clients’ funds or other funds held in trust, it must disbar the lawyer and the lawyer cannot be allowed to practice again for at least 12 years.

How do I look up a Juris number in Connecticut?

To look up the juris number of an attorney who has been admitted to appear pro hac vice, enter the letters PHV and a space before the attorney’s last name in the Attorney Last Name/Firm Name field. (for example, PHV Smith) This search displays information about firms and information about attorneys admitted to practice law in Connecticut.

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What is the Connecticut Super Lawyers Top Lists?

Each year, Super Lawyers recognizes the top lawyers in Connecticut via a patented multiphase selection process involving peer nomination, independent research and peer evaluation. The Connecticut lawyers who receive the highest point totals during this selection process are further recognized in Connecticut Super Lawyers Top Lists.

Who is the best medical malpractice lawyer in Connecticut?

Russell J. Berkowitz is widely known as one of the leading medical malpractice and personal injury attorneys in Connecticut. The Berkowitz Law firm regularly obtains substantial settlements and verdicts for seriously... Read More »

Why subscribe to CT Lawyer magazine?

The CBA’s CT Lawyer magazine is produced six times per year and contributes to lawyers' professional growth; informs readers of important legislative changes, court decisions, and other issues arising in the legal profession; keeps members abreast of CBA activities; and helps improve law office management skills.

How can I reach more than 9000 Connecticut attorneys?

Interested in reaching more than 9,000 Connecticut attorneys? Get your message out in CT Lawyer! View our Media Kit and contact us at or (860)612-2035 for more information.

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Are retired attorneys exempt from the Connecticut Practice book?

Section 2-27 of the Connecticut Practice Book does not exempt retired attorneys from the registration requirement. There are no fees involved with the registration process, the only requirement is that you register annually, and notify the Statewide Grievance Committee of any changes pertinent to registration. 13.

What is CT Juris number?

Juris numbers are identification numbers assigned to attorneys in Connecticut. There are several types of juris numbers, which are explained below. Each attorney is assigned a personal juris number (type “A”) when he or she passes the Connecticut Bar exam.Attorney/Firm Look-up - Connecticut Judicial › attorneyfirminquiry › JurisType

What is Attorney Registration in Connecticut?

What is attorney registration? The attorney registration process is governed by Section 2-27 (d) of the Connecticut Practice Book and occurs each year from the beginning of January until the beginning of March. The registration requirement applies to:

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