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Why choose our Zanesville law firm?

We are a full-service law firm serving Zanesville and Muskingum County for over 50 years. Our attorneys live and work in the community listening, caring and protecting our clients since 1962. When disaster strikes, you can trust this law firm and use its experience and skills to protect your interests. Legal issues can arise at any time.

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Who is the Tennessee Bar Journal “person you need to know?

The Tennessee Bar Journal has additionally featured Ms. Lee as a “Person You Need to Know.” Ms. Lee is a graduate of the National Institute for Trial Advocacy, and is a Rule 31 Supreme Court mediator.

Who is the family law attorney in Johnson City TN?

J.R. has been recognized by numerous legal organizations for his outstanding family law accomplishments,... Olen Haynes, Jr. is a compassionate and caring personal injury attorney serving clients in Johnson City and the surrounding areas.

Is Kimberly D Rhoton a licensed attorney in Tennessee?

From Business: Kimberly D. Rhoton is a licensed attorney in Tennessee & Virginia. The areas of law practiced are Corporate & Business Law, Estate Planning, Probate Law, Wills,…

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What is a contract with a lawyer called?

No matter how well you know your attorney or how "simple" you think your case is, you should always have a written representation agreement (sometimes called a fee agreement) with your lawyer. These contracts set out the terms of the attorney-client relationship and the fees and compensation that you will owe.Representation Agreement: Your Attorney and You - › hirealawyer › representation-agreement-your-attorney...

What is a fixed fee agreement with a lawyer?

In a fixed-fee agreement, the client pays a set amount regardless of how many hours the attorney works or the outcome. This type of agreement is often the most affordable and usually used for standard, simple legal issues, such as expunging a criminal record or drafting a will.

Who pays the attorney's fees in a lawsuit?

When a legal dispute arises and people take their fight to court, the basic rule is that each party to a lawsuit must pay its own attorneys' fees.

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What ethics are lawyers obligated to follow?

These principles include the lawyer's obligation zealously to protect and pursue a client's legitimate interests, within the bounds of the law, while maintaining a professional, courteous and civil attitude toward all persons involved in the legal system.Model Rules of Professional Conduct: Preamble & › groups › professional_responsibility › publications

Do lawyers have powers?

A general power of attorney allows the agent to act on behalf of the principal in any matters, as allowed by state laws. The agent under such an agreement may be authorized to handle bank accounts, sign checks, sell property, manage assets, and file taxes for the principal.Power of Attorney (POA) Definition - › terms › powerofattorney

Is the right to an attorney a fundamental right?

The right to representation by counsel in a criminal proceeding is one of the fundamental rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. The government does not always go to great lengths to fulfill its duty to make counsel available to defendants who cannot afford an attorney.Oct 16, 2021The Right to an Attorney in a Criminal Case | › criminal › procedure › miranda-rights › right-to-attorney

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