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Company Law Committee

What does the latest company law committee report mean for India?

The latest Company Law Committee (CLC) Report is undoubtedly welcomed by India Inc. as it has eased several compliance checks and grids. These include overhauling the existing framework in respect of fractional shares, restricted stock units, and stock appreciation rights amongst other reforms.

What are the main recommendations of the Companies Act 2013 Committee?

The main recommendations of the Committee regarding the Companies Act, 2013, as included in Chapter I of the Report, are as follows: I. Allowing certain companies to revert to the financial year followed in India; II. Facilitating certain companies to communicate with their members in only

company law committee 2022 report

What is the company law committee report 1 all about?

The Company Law Committee published its third report (“ Report “) 1 on April 13, 2022 which makes recommendations to the Government on changes to the Companies Act, 2013 (“ Companies Act “), the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008 (“ LLP Act “) and the rules framed thereunder.

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How is the chairman of a company elected?

A Chairman is Usually Appointed by Election. Every organisation, while electing the office-bearers, decides at a meeting who will hold what post. The Chairman of a Board of Directors of a company is elected at the first meeting of the Board. The promoters of a company may decide beforehand who shall be the chairman of the company.

What are the committees under the Board of directors?

Committees Under the Board of Directors 1 Audit Committee. The audit committee should have a minimum of 3 members. ... 2 Nomination and Remuneration Committee. The committee shall comprise of at least three directors. ... 3 Stakeholders Relationship Committee. ... 4 Risk management Committee. ...

Is there any regulation on the chairman of a general meeting?

The only statutory regulation is in Companies Act 2006, sec319: Sec319 Chairman of meeting (1) A member may be elected to be the chairman of a general meeting by a resolution of the company passed at the meeting. (2) Subsection (1) is subject to any provision of the company's articles that states who may or may not be chairman.

Who should be the chairman of the Audit Committee?

At least one member should have expertise in the field of account and finance and all audit members must be well in finance. An independent director will be the chairman of the audit committee. The company secretary shall be the appointed secretary.

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Who are the members of the Executive Committee?

Many companies will have an executive committee made up of the chief executive and those who report directly to him or her but excluding the chairman and the non-executives. It may meet monthly or weekly and will have daily executive responsibility for the company’s affairs.

What is the company Law Committee’s latest report?

The latest Company Law Committee (CLC) Report has proposed vital amendments to the existing Companies Act, 2013 (CA,2013) with a view to match global industry and compliance standards covering various reforms relating to accountability, investor protection and disclosures.

What is a Chief Legal Officer (CLO)?

The chief legal officer (CLO) is an expert and leader who helps the company minimize its legal risks by advising the company's other officers and board members on any major legal and regulatory issues the company confronts, such as litigation risks. The CLO may also be a member of the company's operating committee and is overseen by the CEO.

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