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What is the difference between advice and law?

Legal information explains the law and the legal system in general terms. The information is not tailored to a specific case. Legal advice applies the law, including statute and case law and legal principles to a particular situation.Legal Information vs. Legal Advice: What is the difference? › legal-information-vs-legal-advice-difference

What is the difference between advice and advise?

Advice is a noun meaning “an opinion or recommendation offered as a guide to action, conduct, etc.” The -ice ending of advice is pronounced like “ice,” while the -ise ending of advise is pronounced like the “-ize” in realize.

What is the difference between legal advice and legal opinion?

It points to the key difference between a legal opinion and legal advice—i.e., that a legal opinion is an attorney's analysis based on past or present facts, while legal advice is an attorney's counsel and guidance as to what future actions the client should take.Legal Advice | Real Estate Lawyers Idaho, Montana, › Articles › Resources

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What is the salary of an advocate in India?

Average Salary The average base pay of an advocate in India is INR 3,00,000. With time and experience, the growth in the pay is massive. The Bar Council of India prohibits any advocate to take up a full-time job for any person, Government firm, corporation.

What pays more than a lawyer?

At first glance, it seems easy to determine that a medical doctor is paid much more than a lawyer. The Bureau of Labor Statistics gives median salaries for both doctors and lawyers, so it's clear that the doctors' number is higher.Who Is Better Paid: a Medical Doctor or a Lawyer? - Work - › better-paid-medical-doctor-lawyer-30725

How much do lawyers get paid in South Africa?

Most potential lawyers who choose to do their one year of pupilage do no receive a monthly salary. Once they qualify as advocates they are assigned the title of junior advocate, and it is up to them to market themselves, find clients and build their reputations. Some top advocates in South Africa charge up to R45 000 per day!

What is the difference between a lawyer and an advocate?

In the legal domain, lawyers and advocates are the professionals who are responsible for proving legal redressal in the court of law. Although these two words are very often interchanged, there are some basic differences that set them apart.

What is the difference between a lawyer and an advocate?

The major difference between the duties and responsibilities of a lawyer and an advocate is that a lawyer is usually less experienced and may not necessarily represent clients in court. Comparatively, advocates are highly experienced and capable of representing their clients in courts.

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What is the difference between a barrister and an advocate?

On the other hand, an advocate is defined as a person who is a professional in the area of law. An advocate speaks in favour of something that is right. Many countries have different terms attached to it. In other countries, an advocate is called as a barrister/ solicitor.

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What is the difference between a lawyer and an advocate?

Such practitioners are also considered within the definition of a lawyer. A lawyer and an advocate, both present suits, represent their clients and argue on behalf of clients in the courts, give legal aids/advices. Some legal practitioners opine that advocates are the remarkable lawyers.

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