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Legal Department Deutsche Bank

What is the Deutsche Bank case all about?

“Deutsche Bank engaged in a criminal scheme to conceal payments to so-called consultants worldwide who served as conduits for bribes to foreign officials and others so that they could unfairly obtain and retain lucrative business projects,” stated Acting U.S. Attorney Seth D. DuCharme of the Eastern District of New York.

Where is the Deutsche Bank headquarters address?

Frankfurt, GermanyDeutsche Bank / Headquarters

What is the address of Deutsche Bank in London?

(a) Name and address of the firm and the contact details necessary to enable clients to communicate effectively with the firm. Deutsche Bank AG acting through its London branch (‘DB London’) whose address is at Winchester House, 1 Great Winchester Street, London EC2N 2DB.

legal department hierarchy

What is the best structure for a legal department?

This structure tends to work best in smaller legal departments where the General Counsel has the time to meaningfully manage each lawyer on the team. It also is a structure that makes sense when the lawyers reporting to the General Counsel do not have an interest in managing others.

What are the strengths of a law firm in job hierarchy?

They are the main strength of a law firm in legal job hierarchy. They are: Partners – They are usually known as the proprietors of the law firm. Partners are the most practiced lawyers and they charge the maximum fees. Associates – They are the lawyers who work under a firm but are not the owners.

What to look for in an in-house legal department?

Another factor to consider is the mixture of specialist and generalist lawyers in the team. For smaller in-house departments, in-house lawyers will need to have knowledge of many areas of the law or local jurisdictions and be confident in advising the business across the board.

What does a legal chief of staff do?

The legal chief of staff is often the member of the general counsel's senior leadership team charged with strategic thinking and planning. Though each legal chief of staff role varies, they generally manage a wide range of responsibilities to support the legal, compliance, ethics, or security operations of a business.The Legal Chief Of Staff: A Critical Role For General Counsel's › 2019/08 › the-legal-chief-of-staff-a-critical-role-for-ge...

What is the role of a legal department in a company?

Legal departments are responsible for ensuring a company's actions are legal and compliant. Opinions are more divided, however, when it comes to assessing their contribution to a company's performance. Lawyers are still seen as fussy people, a potential hindrance to business.How Legal Departments Can Best Contribute to a Company's › categories › blog-12830 › articles › how-legal-depa...

legal department hierarchy chart

What is a legal organizational chart?

Company organizational charts show the owner relationships between legal entities in the corporate family. A management chart, on the other hand, is a picture of managers and staff within a single company or department. A management org chart illustrates the reporting relationships among individuals.Company Organizational Charts: Quick Tips for Lawyers | › articles › entities › org-charts-tips-for-lawyers

legal department hong kong

What does the legal department do in Hong Kong?

The Legal Department, headed by the Attorney General, was the department responsible for the laws of Hong Kong until 1997, when Hong Kong ceased to be a British crown colony . The department was responsible for dealing with criminal cases and cases on behalf of the Government of Hong Kong.

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