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Legal Trivia Questions And Answers India

How many questions are there in the trivia section?

Accuracy: A team of editors takes feedback from our visitors to keep trivia as up to date and as accurate as possible. There are 26 questions on this topic. Last updated Oct 17 2021 . 1 When did India take part in its first summer olympic games? India first participated in the Olympic Games at the 1900 games held in Paris.

What are the most important case laws in Indian legal history?

Suresh kaushal vs. union of India- Section 377 is legal and is constitutional NAAZ Foundation vs. Delhi NCT – Section 377 is unconstitutional and hence has no force. It violates the fundamental rights of a person and is illegal. Here are the most important case laws in Indian Legal History.

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Do you charge valuation fees to P&L?

Must admit valuation fees are something I charge to P&L as incurred- virtually all commercial loans have the ability/right of lender to instruct further valuations throughout the currency of the loan, so considering the valuation as having the same life as the loan seems very imprudent.

What happens to the valuation fee when the bank charges?

The valuation fee then becomes a recharge by the bank of an outlay they have incurred.

Who pays for the cost of valuation?

All the cost of valuation will be borne by the buyer. As a buyer, do you know how much should pay for the valuation fees? Here is how valuation fees calculate base on the property you purchased:-

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Are property valuation fees a qualified expense when buying an investment property?

When a buyer purchases an investment property, the applicable property valuation fees can be spread and deducted over the term of the mortgage as a qualified expense.

How much does an estate agent charge for a property valuation?

The short answer is nothing at all! Valuations provided by estate agents are usually free because they know it’s a great time to view the property, pitch their services and sell themselves to you. It’s called customer contact time, and it’s a key part of the estate agent business model.

Are legal fees and valuation costs allowable as a revenue expense?

4) Legal fees and valuation costs relating to aborted purchases - allowable as a revenue expense against the rental income from the general portfolio of properties or capital losses to be offset against future capital gains? In previous years the client has not claimed either the legal costs relating to remortgages or the valuation fees.

legal vision statement examples

What is an example of a vision statement?

“Our vision is to create a better everyday life for many people.” That's aspirational, short and to the point. More than that, it sets the tone for the company and makes it clear that they're in the market to offer low-priced good furnishings that suit everyone's lifestyle.What Is a Vision Statement? 15 Vision Statement Examples to Inspire › blog › guide-writing-perfect-vision-statement-...

What is a good vision statement?

Good vision statements have common components: It is written in the present, not future tense. They describe what we will feel, hear, think, say and do as if we had reached our vision now. It is summarised with a powerful phrase.The components of a good vision statement - Change › our-thinking › articles › the-components-of-...

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