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What is the nationality of the PRC company law legal representative?

The PRC Company Law does not impose any restrictions on the nationality of the legal representative and the selected individual could effectively be the resident of any country; he/she is also not required to reside in China.

Who is the legal representative of a company?

The legal representative should also either hold the position of Executive Director (or Chairman of the board if there is a board of directors) or the general manager of the company. Authorized Signatory The Authorized Signatory is the person who has the signing authority to make decisions on behalf of the shareholder.

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Who is legal representative with example?

Definition of a Legal Representative As per Section 2(11) of the C.P.C, a legal representative is a person in law who represents the estate of a deceased person. This includes anyone who interferes with the estate of a deceased person, as well as the person to whom the estate devolves upon the death of the party.Legal Representatives Under The Indian Laws - › articles › legal-representatives-under-the-indi...

What is a legal representative?

2A person (now usually a barrister, solicitor, or attorney) responsible for representing another, or an establishment, in a legal capacity.LEGAL REPRESENTATIVE | Meaning & Definition for UK › definition › legal_representative

What is the role of legal representative in the company?

Legal representative of an enterprise is the individual that exercises the rights and fulfills the obligations on when making transactions on behalf of the enterprise, represents the enterprise as the plaintiff, defendant, and person with relevant interests and duties before the arbitral tribunal, the court, exercises ...Legal representative of enterprise in Vietnam: Roles & › resources › management › legal-representative

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What is the role of the legal representative of a company?

The Legal Representative is the primary signatory of the company and has the power and authority to enter into binding agreements on behalf of the company in accordance with the law and the company’s articles of association. This person, essentially, has broad control over the company and its business activities, bank accounts, and assets.

Who is the legal representative of the Board of directors?

Under the Company Law, the legal representative may be the chairman of the board of directors, executive director (if there is no board of directors), or the general manager. However, the selection of legal representative varies depending on the structure of the company.

Who is the legal representative of a legal person?

“The legal representative of a legal person is the person with [management] responsibility (fuzeren) who, in accordance with law or the provisions of its charter, exercises authority on behalf of a legal person” Therefore, he is the main principal and represents the whole company.

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What is the difference between a legal representative and Company?

The legal representative and the company are essentially the same thing. The company is bound by the legal representative’s actions, so it is the sole responsible entity for the representative’s proper or negligent behavior. In addition, actions that exceed the representative’s power may also impose sanctions on the company.

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What is the legal effect of a company chop?

Generally, either the signature of the legal representative or application of the company chop has the legal effect to bind the company in various commercial transactions. For convenience, the company chop is used more often than signatures in commercial practice.

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