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How do I get a free lawyer in NYC?

The City Bar Justice Center's free Legal Hotline offers legal information, advice, referrals, and in some instances, brief services, to low-income New Yorkers. The Legal Hotline phone number is: 212-626-7383.20 Jan 2021Finding Legal Assistance - New York City Civil Courtnycourts.gov › courts › nyc › civil › legalassistance

legal advice hotline ontario

When to call Legal Aid Ontario for help?

If you are in a correctional facility or seeking services such as summary legal advice, please call from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. You should always call us before visiting an office. Legal Aid Ontario accepts collect calls.

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How to get legal advice for S $59 in Singapore?

For S$59, a Singapore-qualified lawyer will call you for a 20-minute phone advice session within 24 hours. Get quick legal advice for your personal or business matters. Fill in your contact information and pay the S$59 fee online Your chosen lawyer calls you for your 20-minute advice session within 24 hours

Is Singapore legal advice a government website?

Singapore's Everyday Legal Platform SingaporeLegalAdvice.com was founded in 2011 as a private entity to provide legal information for individuals and small businesses, as legal information was mostly fragmented and offline then.About SingaporeLegalAdvice.comsingaporelegaladvice.com › about

How do I get quick legal advice?

Get quick legal advice for your personal or business matters. Fill in your contact information and pay the S$59 fee online Your chosen lawyer calls you for your 20-minute advice session within 24 hours

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How can I get legal advice if I am not a member?

If you are not a Member, we would strongly encourage you to become one before calling our legal advice line for assistance. Our agents will have you signed up in no time so we can assist you with your legal matter. CLICK HERE to join or call our Call Centre on 0861 000 234. Please note that we do not pursue cases on behalf of Members.

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Can I get legal help if I have a housing problem?

You should always check if you can get legal help if you have an urgent housing problem. For example, if you’re being evicted or need to challenge a homelessness decision by the council. Depending on your situation, you may be able to get help from: If you can’t get help through legal aid, there may be other options.

Can I terminate my rental agreement early Netherlands?

The agreement cannot be ended before the final date unless both the tenant and the landlord agree. The tenancy does not end automatically on the final date. Both the tenant and the landlord must terminate the agreement by means of a written notice sent by registered post.Rented housing - Government.nlwww.government.nl › topics › housing › rented-housing

Can a housing solicitor help with legal aid?

We have housing solicitors who can advise under the Governments Legal Aid funding. This covers issues such as: Legal Aid funding is based on your income and savings, and any other capital you have.

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Can my landlord evict me Netherlands?

Landlords can only give notice in strictly defined cases, and it is extremely difficult for owners to evict tenants once they are established. Only the judiciary, and not the landlord, can terminate the contract, and only after the landlord has given notice of from three to six months.Almost impossible to evict tenants in the Netherlandswww.globalpropertyguide.com › Netherlands › Landlord-and-Tenant

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