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Why choose London family solicitor?

Use the convenience of our virtual appointment service… At London Family Solicitor we offer a specialist and expert service to people who are going through divorce and separation issues, marriage and relationship breakdowns. We deal with all aspects of family law, for people who are married, living together, or in civil partnerships.

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Do you get paid for a law training contract?

Will I get paid? All trainee solicitors receive a salary, but this varies depending on the firm and location. From August 2014, the SRA announced that firms were only required to pay trainees the national minimum wage.What is a training contract? | › law-careers › what-is-a-training-contract

What percentage of law students get a training contract?

The average number of students qualifying with a law degree between 2011 and 2019 was 23,413. Of them, an average of 5,757 secured a training contract. That is roughly 25%.How many people get a training contract each year? - › law-careers › how-many-people-get-a-training-c...

How much do trainee solicitors earn in London?

Trainee Solicitor Salaries in London Area The average salary for Trainee Solicitor is �41,436 per year in the London Area. The average additional cash compensation for a Trainee Solicitor in the London Area is �1,986, with a range from �539 - �7,322.Trainee Solicitor in London, UK - Salaries - › Salaries › london-trainee-solicitor-salary-SRCH_IL....

Is it easier to get a training contract after LPC?

To summarise, applying for training contracts after the LPC is a similar battle to applying before you've done your LPC. Having the course in the bag demonstrates your commitment to the profession, but it won't be enough by itself to guarantee you a place.How hard is it to get a training contract after doing the LPC? - › law-courses › how-hard-is-it-to-get-a-training-co...

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What is a law firm vacation scheme?

A law vacation scheme is a one or two-week internship or work experience placement with a law firm, usually taking place in either the Spring, Summer or Winter. Vacation schemes are used by law firms to seek out new talent.Everything you need to know about law vacation schemes and open › career-path-guides › commercial-law › everyt...

Do you get paid on vacation schemes?

You will get paid on any vacation scheme and it's certainly not the most important thing to look for when you're on the hunt for a vacation scheme. First and foremost, you should apply to firms that specialise, or have departments dedicated to working in areas of law that interest you the most.Vacation schemes: how much do firms pay? - › law-careers › vacation-scheme › vacation-scheme...

How hard is it to get a law vacation scheme?

The fact of the matter is that competition is high, and law firms expect a very high standard. Top City firm Allen & Overy receives around 3,000 applications for 60 vacation scheme placements. That means one student in every 50 will secure a vacation scheme. Mathematically speaking, that's a 2% chance.How competitive are vacation schemes? | › what-s-the-competition-for-a-vacation-scheme

How do I prepare for a legal vacation scheme?

Eight ways to make the most of a vac scheme1Think about which departments you want to spend time in. ... 2Research the department(s) you're joining. ... 3Be proactive in asking for work. ... 4Find a balance between making a strong impression and making multiple impressions. ... 5Keep a record of the work you've done and who you did it for.Eight ways to make the most of a vac scheme - Chambers Student Guide › where-to-start › newsletter › eight-ways-to-...More items...

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What do you do at work experience in a law firm?

During your placement you'll meet partners, associates, solicitors and trainees and will get the chance to work on live cases. Other opportunities include shadowing lawyers, observing them giving legal advice and sitting in on client meetings.Law work experience | › jobs-and-work-experience › job-sectors › law-sector

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