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What is an online divorce?

An online divorce is exactly the same as a divorce carried out by a solicitor or if you were to do it yourself with no legal help. However, we use state of the art technology to remove the need to visit our offices to complete any paperwork and enable you to track your divorce process online, from start-to-finish.

Should I use an online divorce service or use a solicitor?

For too long, divorcing couples have been faced with an extremely difficult choice: save money and compromise on quality by choosing an online divorce service or, alternatively, instruct a solicitor and accept that, due to outdated and inefficient practices, you’ll be receiving a very large bill at the end of the process. It’s time this changed!

Why choose our divorce solicitors?

Whether a divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership, our divorce solicitors will work with you to understand your situation and the best way forward. We encourage clients to maintain a constructive dialogue, especially when children are involved. We will endeavour to resolve even complex cases sensitively and without court proceedings.

How much does a divorce solicitor cost in the UK?

For a fixed fee of £750, a divorce solicitor will take you through the steps of divorce, from starting divorce proceedings through to legally ending your marriage. There will also be a fee charged by the courts of £593.

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Can you get divorced online in the UK?

If you give your husband or wife's email address, the court will send the divorce papers to them online. If you do not give an email address the papers will be sent by post.Get a divorce: How to apply - › Get a divorce: step by step

Is online divorce safe and legal UK?

An online divorce is exactly the same as a divorce carried out by a solicitor or if you were to do it yourself with no legal help. The process is the same, the divorce still has to go through court and be approved by a judge. It has the same legal effect and the court orders you receive are the same.A guide to getting your Divorce › guides › Guide-to-getting-a-divorce-online

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What legal services do we offer in Peterborough?

We offer a full range of legal services in Peterborough, from family issues such as divorce and child contact arrangements to conveyancing, wills and probate advice and corporate law.

Why choose our team of solicitors in Peterborough?

Our team of solicitors in Peterborough offer advice on a full range of legal services. Our team are experts in their fields and we are proud to have offered legal support and advice to the people of Peterborough and the surrounding areas for over 45 years.

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Who is the family law team in Windsor?

The team in Windsor is led by Managing Partner & Head of Thames Valley, Amanda Phillips-Wylds, a highly experienced and well-regarded family lawyer. We are highly experienced in the complexities faced by families and individuals dealing with a family law issue.

How do I find a solicitor in Windsor?

To make finding a solicitor in Windsor easier we recommend you narrow down your search to the area of Law you need help with, you can do this by using the search facility at the top of the page, on the drop down 'Select Area of Law', choose your area and hit 'Search'. If you are looking to appoint a solicitor for...

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