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Free Legal Advice For Car Accidents

Do I need a lawyer after a car accident?

On the other hand, sometimes, in car accidents, you may need an attorney to conduct a deeper investigation to determine who is at fault for the accident and your injuries.

What happens when you are in a car accident?

Car accidents are frightening events and a big disruption to your life. Someone may have been severely injured, or you could have lost the use of your car.

What information should be collected after a car accident?

Before leaving the scene of the accident you should collect the license plate numbers, driver's names, addresses, insurance information, and telephone numbers for all other vehicles involved in an accident. You should collect the license and owner information for any animal involved.

Is it possible to get free car accident legal help online?

Even though this may have been the free car accident legal help online that you were looking for, it may be in your best interest to consult with a car accident attorney to get legal advice and assistance, or simply if you have questions you want answered.

How do I report a car accident in Singapore?

Report the accident to the police (if needed) You also have to call the police at 999 if the accident involves: Fatalities. Pedestrians/cyclists. Hit-and-run cases.What to Do Right After a Traffic Accident - Singapore Legal › law-articles › what-to-do-in-a-traffic-accident

free legal advice for child custody

Can you represent yourself in Family court South Carolina?

There are lots of resources for “self-represented litigants” - that is, people who represent themselves in court. The South Carolina Court system has developed a web page that houses a variety of self-help resources, including frequently asked questions, packets of forms, and informational videos.Help With Family Court Cases - SC Access to › family-cases

How much does a guardian ad litem cost in South Carolina?

The court shall grant to a guardian ad litem appointed for a child subject to such proceedings a fee not to exceed Fifty ($50.00) Dollars.South Carolina Judicial › courtreg › displayRule

free legal advice for child support

Where can I get legal advice for a child?

Find information and advice on a wide range of issues including the court system and your legal rights as a parent. Child Law Advice is operated by Coram Children’s Legal Centre. Specialist advice and information on child, family and education law. Applicable only in England.

How do I modify child support in SC?

How to Request Modification1Write a letter to DSS/CSE advising that a change in circumstance exists and request a modification to the child support order: You can find a sample form letter here. ... 2Collect attachments required with the letter. ... 3Make and keep copies of all documents sent to DSS/CSE or a private agency.How to Request Modification - South Carolina Center for Fathers and ... › fatherhood-issues › child-support › how-t...

free legal advice for child support issues

Do I need a lawyer for child support?

Even though legal disputes involving child support have the potential to be stressful and emotional, it's often in you and your child's best interests to get legal help with child support. This article explains the benefits of getting professional legal help with the child support process and provides resources for locating an attorney near you.

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