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What The Attorney General Does

How does an attorney general work?

How an Attorney General Works. As head of the Department of Justice and chief legal counsel to the president, the duties of the attorney general are obviously important and wide reaching. The attorney general prosecutes cases that involve the government and gives advice to the president and heads of the executive departments when needed. As...

what the solicitor general

Who is US Solicitor General Elizabeth Prelogar?

Elizabeth Prelogar has been serving in the role since October 28, 2021. The United States solicitor general represents the federal government of the United States before the Supreme Court of the United States. The solicitor general determines the legal position that the United States will take in the Supreme Court.

Where can I find the Solicitor General's politics of law manual?

The Solicitor General: The Politics of Law. Philadelphia: Temple Univ. Press. U.S. Government Manual Website. Available online at < > (accessed November 10, 2003). West's Encyclopedia of American Law, edition 2. Copyright 2008 The Gale Group, Inc. All rights reserved.

What is the role of the Solicitor General?

The Solicitor General is a high-ranking legal officer in the United States Department of Justice and reports to the Attorney General. The main role of the US Solicitor General is to argue cases in front of the Supreme Court and to decide which cases to argue and to prepare those arguments.

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Who was the young lawyer in The Merchant of Venice?

Answer: The young lawyer who fought in defence of Antonio in the merchant of Venice was Portia.Who was the young lawer who fought in defence of antinio in merchant of › question

What did the young lawyer say about mercy?

The young lawyer requested shylock to show mercy, though the law was on shylock's side. After that, the young lawyer said, the law allowed shylock to take a pound of flesh.Oct 17, 2020Maharashtra Board Class 6 English Solution Chapter › maharashtra-board-class-6-english-chapter-3-6...

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How did the young lawyer get Shylock to show mercy?

A young lawyer entered the court and said that he would fight Antonio’s case. The young lawyer requested shylock to show mercy, though the law was on shylock’s side. After that, the young lawyer said, the law allowed shylock to take a pound of flesh. And he could do that.

Who is the lawyer in The Merchant of Venice?

In the court in Venice, Shylock demands his pound of flesh. The Duke, presiding over the court, seeks legal advice from the lawyer "Balthazar," who is Portia in disguise.Summary of The Merchant of Venice | Shakespeare Birthplace › shakespedia › shakespeares-plays › merchant-v...

How does Shylock prove himself to be a bad judge?

Ultimately, Shylock’s pursuit of a strict letter-of-the-law brand of justice, which makes no allowance for anything that even approaches compassion, undoes him. He proves blind to everything other than the stipulations of his bond, refusing even to summon a doctor to attend to Antonio’s wounds.

Why does Shylock refuse to have a surgeon on hand?

She orders Shylock to have a surgeon on hand to prevent the merchant from bleeding to death, but Shylock refuses because the bond stipulates no such safeguard. Antonio bids Bassanio farewell. He asks his friend not to grieve for him and tells Bassanio that he is happy to sacrifice his life, if only to prove his love.

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