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What is the Affordable Law Center?

The Affordable Law Center will provide you with comprehensive legal support, help you at a time of crisis and to help you get through whatever happens in life, without breaking your budget. We all know life happens and now you can have an affordable lawyer and legal team there for you when it does.

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How can I get free legal advice in Singapore?

In Singapore, free legal advice can be obtained from some legal clinics that government agencies and non-profit organisations may run. Legal aid typically refers to free or subsidised legal assistance provided for your legal matters.Pro Bono Lawyer In Singapore - Tembusu › About Us

Where can I get an affordable Syariah lawyer in Singapore?

Here at Prestige Legal LLP, you can get an affordable Syariah lawyer, Singapore, an expert in dealing with all these complex conditions and making it easier for their client to get their rights according to their syariah. Syariah court Singapore has defined the grounds for Muslim divorce according to the following conditions:

Can a foreign law firm reseal a foreign grant in Singapore?

We have been engaged by foreign law firms to reseal foreign Grants in the Singapore High Court. With our experience in dealing with child custody issues, we are able to advise our clients on the best interests of their children and balance them with our client’s needs and reasonable desires.

What should a law practitioner know about Muslim divorce in Singapore?

In Singapore, a law practitioner must be aware of the sensitivity issues where one of the parties is a Muslim. The family practitioner should be familiar with Muslim marriage and divorce law and the differences in, have to be authority between the Syariah Court and the civil courts.

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Do you get a free lawyer in the UK?

If you do not qualify for legal aid, a solicitor may be able to take on your case as part of their pro bono work. Pro bono work is free legal help for people who: cannot afford to pay for legal services and.Getting free legal advice | The Law › public › for-public-visitors › using-a-solicitor › g...

How much is a lawyer per hour UK?

Hourly rates for a solicitorSolicitor experience levelUK average per hourLondon average per hourJunior�111�1304+ years�180�2358+ years�210�300How much does a solicitor cost? - › life › get-smart › how-much-does-a-solicitor-cost

How much does a private lawyer cost UK?

Solicitors with over 4 years' experience might charge anywhere between �200 and �296 per hour in London. Other solicitors with less experience could charge between �165 and �226 per hour, and trainee lawyers and paralegals might charge between �121 and �198 per hour, in London.How much does a Criminal Defence Lawyer cost in the UK? › criminal-lawyer-cost-uk

How much does a lawyer cost UK?

Guideline hourly ratesGradeFee earnerNational 2ASolicitors and legal executives with over 8 years' experience�255BSolicitors and legal executives with over 4 years' experience�218COther solicitors or legal executives and fee earners of equivalent experience�177DTrainee solicitors, paralegals and other fee earners�126Solicitors' guideline hourly rates - › guidance › solicitors-guideline-hourly-rates

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How do I get a free lawyer in BC?

If you have a low income, and are facing some types of criminal, family, or immigration problems, you may be able to get a lawyer for free from legal aid. Contact Legal Aid BC by visiting or calling 604-408-2172 in Greater Vancouver or toll-free 1-866-577-2525 elsewhere in BC.Free and Low-Cost Legal Help | › free-and-low-cost-legal-help

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