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How To Find Legal Aid Lawyer

Where can I find legal help if I can't afford a lawyer?

Here's how to find legal help if you can't afford a lawyer: Contact the city courthouse. Seek free lawyer consultations. Look to legal aid societies.

how to find legal aid solicitor

How do I get Legal Aid for a Crown Court case?

Not everyone is able to get criminal legal aid, and in the Crown Court you may have to pay towards some or all of your legal costs. Find a legal aid solicitor Find a solicitor in England and Wales using our free website Choose your legal issue and enter your location. Select ‘more search options’ and tick ‘accepts legal aid’.

Can a legal aid adviser refuse to represent a potential client?

A legal aid adviser may refuse to represent a potential client if it does not look as though they have a valid case. If a person has been arrested and they cannot afford to hire a solicitor, they should be offered free legal advice by a duty solicitor in the first instance.

What does a legal aid solicitor do?

A legal aid solicitor is just like any other solicitor; however their costs are covered by government legal funds. The British legal system believes that everyone should have the right to proper legal representation, even if they do not have enough money to hire a solicitor for themselves.

How do I find a solicitor in the UK for free?

Find a solicitor in England and Wales using our free website Choose your legal issue and enter your location. Select ‘more search options’ and tick ‘accepts legal aid’. Some legal advisers and family mediators can also offer legal aid. Find legal aid advisers or family mediators on GOV.UK

how to find limiting reactant with three reactants

What is the limiting reactant of SB and O2?

So, Sb (1.125 mol) is the limiting reactant as it has the lower value as compared to O2 (1.83 mol). 4. 6.7 moles of iron react with 8.4 moles of oxygen, what is the limiting reactant?

What is the difference between excess reactant and limiting reagent?

Please note that the limiting reagent is the reactant that is completely used up in a chemical reaction and determines the amount of product while the excess reactant is the reactant that remained after the reaction. Additionally, the limiting reagent produces the least amount of product hen compared to the excess reactant..

What is the limiting reactant of H2O?

The limiting reactant was O 2. There will be 8 grams H 2 remaining. There will be 108 grams H 2 O formed by the reaction. Finding the limiting reactant is a relatively simple exercise. Calculate the yield of each reactant as if it were completely consumed.

Can there be multiple limiting reactants?

Jose is correct; there will not be more than a single limiting reagent in a reaction since the limited reagent, by definition, prevents the reaction from continuing once its "used up."Multiple Limiting Reactants? - CHEMISTRY › forum › viewtopic

How do you find the limiting reactant with multiple products?

Find the limiting reagent by calculating and comparing the amount of product each reactant will produce.1Balance the chemical equation for the chemical reaction.2Convert the given information into moles.3Use stoichiometry for each individual reactant to find the mass of product produced.Limiting Reagents - Chemistry LibreTexts › ... › Chemical ReactionsMore items...

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