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Corporate Legal Department Goals

What are the challenges faced by corporate legal departments?

Corporate legal departments are facing a number of growing technological challenges. One of these is big data management, or the storing, organization, and retrieval of massive amounts of data. Legal departments that focus attention on how to manage and protect this information will gain a significant advantage over departments that do not. 3.

What should be the goals of the legal department?

The legal department's goals need to be proactive and forward thinking to address the concerns for the organization. At TCS we know that our most valuable assets are our people.

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What are the 9 Key Performance Indicators?

9 Marketing KPIsUnique Website Visitors.Cost Per Lead.Form Conversion Rate.MQLs Generated.Marketing Generated SQLs.Cost Per SQL.Closing Rate.Customer Retention.9 Marketing KPIs That Drive Performance - Uhuru Network › marketing-kpis-drive-performanceMore items...

What are KPIs and KRAS in corporate?

Employee Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are metrics used by organizations to measure their employees' efforts and suggest improvements. Employee Key Result Areas (KRA) are a set of goals and objectives that each organization assigns for their employees at the beginning of their evaluation period.KRA and KPI -Concepts and Differences › kra-and-kpi-concepts-and-differences-explained

Why a KPI for the legal department?

A KPI dedicated to these matters is an excellent way to ensure that all interested parties have a shared source of up-to-date information on the most impactful work that the legal department is currently undertaking, and how it impacts them.

What are the KPI’s for paralegals and lawyers?

Increase staffing (internal) or billing (external) of paralegals to lawyers – This KPI measures the number of paralegals in relation to the number of attorneys. These paralegals are internally employed or hired as external consultants and paid per hour for their services.

What are the KPI’s in-house lawyers versus revenue?

In-house lawyers versus revenue – The in-house lawyers versus revenue KPI tracks and measures the cost of hiring in-house lawyers versus the legal team’s income. The higher this metric, the more effective and productive the legal team.

What is the legal suite of key performance indicators?

The legal suite of Key Performance Indicators allows for the comprehensive tracking and management of KPIs for staff working in the legal department of an organization. Whether all commercial legal work is conducted in-house or outsourced to a third-party is primarily dependent on the size of the organization.

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What is the mission of legal leadership?

Legal leaders should create written mission statements aligning with company and departmental goals. These mission statements provide clarity during times of uncertainty, keeping values top-of-mind during unanticipated challenges to the organization and its corporate objectives.

How do you write a mission statement for a law department?

In addition, the law department’s mission statement should align with the company’s overall corporate strategy (see Section III(D)(3) above) and it should be developed with input from key company executives.87When drafting a mission statement, a first general counsel should also consider:88 • The client’s needs and perceptions;

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