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Top Attorneys In Albuquerque Nm

Who is the best bankruptcy lawyer in Albuquerque?

Sutin Thayer Browne is a team of 30 professional lawyers in Albuquerque. The firm has over 70 years of experience and offers representation in bankruptcy law, business law, intellectual property, real estate, tax law, and insurance defense among others.

What does a civil real estate lawyer in Albuquerque do?

The firm's team of skilled civil real estate lawyers in Albuquerque takes on real estate matters involving mortgages, deeds of trust, deeds, and assignments. It additionally handles real estate contract drafting for amendments, terminations, and demands.

top attorneys in chicago

Who are the best lawyers near Chicago for federal drug cases?

Michael D. Ettinger & Associates is a law firm near Chicago that defends clients accused of crimes, including federal crimes. The firm's attorneys have particular experience with drug-related cases, such as possession, manufacturing, and trafficking, as well as traffic-related offenses, including DUI.

Which is the best law firm in Chicago IL?

The Best 10 Lawyers in Chicago, IL. 1 Aaron Krolik Law Office. 64 Real Estate Law, Personal Injury Law, Tenant and Eviction Law. 2 Law Office of Abogado Juan M Soliz. 3 Terrie L Culver & Associates. 4 Mark Silverman Law Office. 5 Law Office Of Julie A. Monberg, PC. More items

Who is the best lawyer for a DUI in Chicago?

Charles S. Beach is a Chicago-based law firm providing criminal and DUI defense since 1998. The firm is a Leading Lawyers Network member and is considered Chicago’s leading DUI firm. The attorneys of Charles S. Beach have practice areas in felony DUI, suspended licenses, aggravated speeding, and reckless driving.

Who are the best law firms in New York?

Here are the Picks: 1 Gainsberg Law P.C. 2 Harvey L. Walner & Associates, LTD 3 Law Office of M. Andrew Hamilton 4 Sam Adam Jr. Law Group

top attorneys in chicago il

Who is the best DUI defense attorney in Illinois?

Cary is an aggressive and experienced DUI Defense attorney who was selected as one of the “10 Best DUI/DWI Attorneys” in Illinois by the American Institute of DUI/DWI Attorneys in both 2017 and 2018. He was also... Read More »

What are people saying about lawyers services in Chicago IL?

What are people saying about lawyers services in Chicago, IL? "Terrie offers both real estate transaction and litigation services. That's really rare to find; usually a lawyer only offers one service or the other. Because of Terrie's expertise, I knew I was getting topnotch advice when I spoke with her.

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Who is the best criminal defense attorney in Dallas Texas?

The Law Offices of Mark F. Fernandez is a criminal defense firm located in Dallas, Texas. Mark has been in practice for over 16 years, specializing in federal cases, drug-related charges, and violent crimes, and general criminal defense. He is one of the most well-known attorneys in his field in the Dallas area.

top attorneys in michigan

How many attorneys are there in the state of Michigan? features a comprehensive directory of 5411 Michigan attorneys and 588 law firms. Need an attorney in Michigan? Find the right attorney by reviewing and comparing our profiles of lawyers and their law firms, with details on each attorney and their colleague’s practice, experience, education, training, honors and fee structure.

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