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Company Law Bcom 2Nd Year

What is the scope of BCom?

BCom is a 3 year long course, focusing on different aspects of commerce and dealing with subjects like Taxation, Economics, Accounts, Banking, Company Law, etc. The curriculum of BCom course is divided into 6 semesters, with each semester focusing on a particular aspect of the commerce industry.

How to download company law notes for BCom and BBA?

Company Law subject is included in B COM and BBA, so students can able to download company law notes for 1st year and company law notes for BBA 1st year. Company Law Notes can be downloaded in company law pdf from the below article. A detailed company law syllabus as prescribed by various Universities and colleges in India are as under.

Which is the best book for B Com for company law?

Company Law | Notes & Videos is the best book for B Com. You can download Free Company Law | Notes & Videos pdf from this course as well. This also contains B Com slides including Company Law | Notes & Videos ppt. B Com 189139 for Company Law | Notes & Videos syllabus are also available any B Com entrance exam.

What is the syllabus of BCom 2nd year?

Though both the semesters have almost the same syllabus, but in Semester-II, the subjects will be more elaborated. BCom 2nd Year Syllabus teaches about the fundamentals of management elements of company law, banking and financial system along with the basics of cost accounting.

company law bcom 2nd year book

What is a BCom book?

B.Com stands for Bachelors of Commerce, is a 3-year degree program that includes the study of business, accounting & finance. In this post, we are here with B.Com books & notes in pdf format. Along with that, you will also get to know about some of the best hardcover books that you can buy online via Amazon or Flipkart.

company law bcom 2nd year important questions

How many years solved past papers of BCom Part 2 Punjab University PU?

6 Years Solved Past Papers of B. com Part 2 Punjab University PU Up to Date 2014-2020, contains Questions and Answers of Part 2 papers. These Past Papers Questions are the most Important Question For ​Business Law Exam Bcom 8 in 1.

What are the important questions of Business Law?

Muhammad Kazim Important Questions oF Business Law Upload by : Ch Ali (Raj) 2. Set 1 1. Define contract? Explain essentials of valid contracts. OR All contracts are agreement but all agreements are not contract. Discuss! 2. Define contract. Explain the types of contracts. 3. What is offer and acceptance? Briefly explain their essentials.

company law bcom 2nd year mcq

Where can I find the question paper of Calcutta University BCom second semester?

Question paper of all subjects of Calcutta University Second Semester is available on our website, you can also download all the question paper if you want. If you have any queries related to this post, then you can ask your question through a comment in the comment box.

company law bcom 2nd year mjpru

When is a person jointly and severally liable with the company?

(vi) Company Directors Disqualification Act 1986, s.15 A person will be jointly and severally liable with the company for all the company’s debts if he takes part in the management of the company while he is under a disqualification order. NB: For the purposes of these provisions, "person" includes legal as well as natural persons.

company law bcom 2nd year pdf

How can I download my BCom 1st year notes?

The best & most trusted way to download the B.Com syllabus is by visiting the Downloads section on the official website of your university. You can also download a general syllabus from our website too. Where can I find B.Com 1st year notes in pdf?

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