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What are the best government jobs in Australia for lawyers?

Options for Australian lawyers include the ACCC, Federal Police, ASIC and the ATO, just to mention a few. Many arms of government have huge policy teams that are a great fit for lawyers with an interest in policy and regulatory development. While a lot of the roles start out at a junior level, there is the opportunity to progress.

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What does the AGLs mean for government lawyers?

The review considered how Commonwealth legal services could be delivered more effectively and efficiently and the AGLS was identified as a means of achieving this whilst also building and promoting a professional identity for government lawyers that supports their unique role and cultivates their sense of belonging to a professional cohort.

How can we improve the delivery of Government Legal Services?

The review recommended a new framework that would provide for more effective delivery of Commonwealth legal services with more appropriate management of legal risk. And as part of this new framework, the review also recommended creating a formal professional network for government lawyers.

What is a government lawyer?

All government lawyers (including from the Australian Government Solicitor) will automatically be members of the AGLS. For AGLS membership, government lawyers include all legally qualified people employed in Commonwealth entities who perform legal services as part of a dedicated legal team. So what's in it for you, as a government lawyer?

What is the Australian Government Legal Service?

The AGLS is the formal professional network for all Australian government lawyers. The focus of this network is to support and develop government lawyers and in-house legal areas, enhancing consistency and efficiency across the Australian Public Service. Welcome to the official and virtual launch of the Australian Government Legal Service (AGLS).

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What are the different titles for a commercial law administrative assistant?

Common titles for this occupation: administrative assistant – legal, collection legal assistant, commercial law administrative assistant, commercial law legal assistant, commercial law secretary... View all titles Read about the main duties, common titles and other information for this occupation at the National Occupational Classification website.

What does a general legal counsel do for a city?

General. Deliver competent, timely legal services working in cooperation with Legal Services staff and City Departments as a municipal legal counsel to the… More... Ability to write complex and technical legal opinions, reports to Council and Committees, correspondence, and other legal documents, involving precise use of…

What are the duties of a legal assistant?

The Legal Assistant is responsible for providing legal and administrative support to the legal function. Assisting with projects as assigned by legal department… More... Provides training to legal assistants and has the ability to answer technical questions.

What kind of job can you get at Legal Aid Ontario?

As an integral partner in the Justice system, working at Legal Aid… Title Duty Counsel – Criminal (12 month) Category Legal City North York, Ontario, Canada Job Description Duty Counsel – Criminal (12 month) Company Bio Legal Aid Ontario employees are committed to making a difference in the lives of our clients.

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What is the Government Legal Department?

The Government Legal Department ( GLD) is the largest single provider of legal services within the government legal community. GLD currently employs around 1,800 lawyers who deliver advisory, commercial, employment and litigation services to the majority of Whitehall departments and to many other government organisations.

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