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Divorce Lawyers Colorado For Dads

Where can I find a family law attorney in Colorado?

Family law matters can be difficult on all parties involved. Cordell & Cordell will work with you to provide professional service to you and your family during this difficult time. To schedule an appointment with a Colorado divorce attorney, call 1-866-DADS-LAW or your local office.

Is Colorado a father state?

Colorado is one of the most favorable states for fathers going through a divorce or in a child custody dispute. There is no Colorado law that makes equal parenting time the default. However, according to the study most Colorado legal professionals confirmed that the most commonly awarded schedule is 50/50.Colorado one of the most favorable states for divorced fathers - › colorado-one-of-the-most-favorable-states-for-divorced-fat...

Why hire our Colorado father's lawyer?

Our lawyers have an in-depth understanding of Colorado law and have a record of successfully advocating for fathers throughout the Centennial State. Our firm specializes in both criminal and civil law in order to protect the rights of fathers and allow them to continue being a significant part of their children's lives.

What can a dadvocates attorney do for You?

In addition to representing fathers in family law cases, the team of lawyers at The Dadvocates also provides defense services for those facing criminal charges in the state of Colorado and throughout the country.

Is divorce a punishment for fathers in Colorado?

The heavy burden placed on men during divorce can feel like a legal punishment for being a good husband, father, and provider. At The Dadvocates, we put the law to work for fathers throughout the state of Colorado.

What are my rights as a father in Colorado?

Under Colorado law, fathers enjoy equal rights and opportunities to the raising of their children. So long as the court determines that it is in the children's best interests, fathers may enjoy equal or even greater parenting time that the mother.Denver Fathers Rights Attorney - Colorado Legal › Divorce

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What is the fastest way to get a divorce in Colorado?

The quickest way to getting getting a divorce in Colorado is when you and your spouse can reach acceptable agreements relating to your legal issues without going to court.1Do It Yourself (pro-se). ... 2Uncontested Divorce. ... 3Mediated Divorce.How Can I Get a Quick Divorce in Colorado? › faq › how-can-i-get-a-quick-divorce-in-co...

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Why choose Columbia Family Law Group?

At Columbia Family Law Group, LLC, we are unlike most firms in the area: Our team includes one certified mediator & one court appointed guardian ad litem. All of our representatives have extensive experience handling family law issues. We are not afraid to take on large and small cases alike.

Why hire our Missouri family law firm?

Our experience in the Missouri legal system has gained us the respect and trust of families and individuals throughout the Columbia area, and we may be able to help you as well. As a firm that focuses on our clients' well-being, we can aggressively approach and handle any family law complication you are facing.

Why hire an attorney for child custody in Missouri?

I understand the nuances of Missouri law and can advise you on how to request or prevent a modification. Feelings can run very high in legal matters involving child custody and your rights as a parent. An experienced representative can help you achieve the most favorable result possible in the best interest of your child.

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